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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company Firm the Face - audit (OGRN: 1023301456683, 109052, Moscow, street Smirnovsky, d. 25, p. of 4 bodies.: (495) 600 - 42 - 50, dob. 1299, e-mail kazakovdenis1@gmail. com) - informs on sale in the electronic form by means of open auction with the closed form of giving of the offer on the price of the property belonging Joint-Stock Company the Regional management company (an INN 0277053228, OGRN 1020203076838), competitive managing director ShChenev Dmitry Mihajlovich, member NP SMIAU (an INN 7709395841 OGRN 1027709028160, the address: 109029, Moscow, street Nizhniy Novgorod, d. 32, a building 15).

Because at 1 auctions (30. 04. 2011) demands did not arrive, the organizer of the auctions the decision on a recognition of the auctions not taken place is accepted.

the auctions will take place 05. 09. 2012 in 13. 00 hours (time Moscow) on an electronic trading platform of Open Company Saturn (115201, Moscow, 1 - j Warsaw pr - d, d. 1, p. 6; an INN/ a check point 7724662650/ 772401001), the address in a network the Internet www. seltim. ru.

the Prize 1 . The Debt receivable initial 702 594 roubles.

a prize 2 . Shares in an authorised capital stock of legal bodies, initial cost of 279 000 roubles.

a prize 3 . An industrial complex d. Sokolovka. Initial cost of 450 000 roubles.

a prize 4 . An industrial complex with. Aitovo. Initial cost of 1 664 280 roubles.

a prize 5 . An industrial complex with. Isentulovo, initial cost of 276 840 roubles.

a prize 6 . An industrial complex with. Mrakovo, initial cost of 1 621 440 roubles.

acquaintance with data on property is made on the working days with 30. 07. 2012 on 04. 09. 2012 from 10 o`clock. 30 minutes for 13 hour. 00 minutes To the address: Moscow, street Nizhniy Novgorod, the house 32, p. 15, office 609, on preliminary record, phone: (495 600 - 42 - 50, dob. 1299, 1077.

For participation in the auctions the applicant is registered on an electronic trading platform (www. seltim. ru), from 09:00 ch. 30. 07. 2012 till 18:00 ch. 04. 09. 2012, makes an application with the appendix specified below documents, enters into with the organizer of the auctions the agreement on deposit entering, brings the deposit at a rate of 20 % from the initial price of sale for the account not later 04. 09. 2012 into Joint-Stock Company account the Regional management company an INN/ a check point 0277053228/ 770901001, r/ with 40702810522000034279 in AKB the Absolute Bank (Joint-Stock Company), to/ with 30101810500000000976, 044525978.

the Demand should correspond to requirements: the Law on bankruptcy, Regulations of the operator of an electronic platform. The demand is made out in the form of the electronic document, subscribes the electronic digital signature of the applicant and should contain: the obligation of the participant to observe the requirements specified in the message on tendering; a company name, data about organizational - the legal form, about the location, the mailing address, a surname, a name, a patronymic, passport data, data on a residence, number of contact phone, the e-mail address, an INN; about presence or about absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the arbitration managing director and about character of this interest, about participation in the capital of the applicant of the arbitration managing director, about the applicant, the self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors.

on the demand are applied an extract from EGRJUL, EGRIP a passport copy, a copy of the decision on approval or about fulfilment of the large transaction.

the Decision of the organizer of the auctions on the admission or on refusal in the admission to participation in the auctions is accepted in conformity of item 12 of item 110 the Law on bankruptcy . To participation in the auctions are supposed jur. And fiz. Persons, and also IP, in due time submitted properly issued demand with the appendix of the documents, listed the deposit.

leading of results of the auctions - 13 hour. 00 minutes 06. 09. 2012, on an electronic trading platform. Definition of the winner is made out by the report on results of tendering.

within 5 days the winner receives the offer to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of property with the contract draught appendix. The contract consists not later 5 - ti days from the moment of offer reception, with a condition of payment not later than 30 days from the date of contract signing into the account of the debtor.

in a case if the repeated auctions will not take place, the property is realised by the public offer since 10. 09. 2012 The initial price of prizes is equal to the initial price of the repeated auctions from 05. 09. 2012 Size of decrease in the initial price - 5 % each 7 calendar days from a demands acceptance date started. If within a month since the first day of demands acceptance (i.e. to 09. 10. 2012 inclusive), the property will be non-realised the property acts in film from the auctions and is subject to realisation under direct contracts of purchase and sale at the price of the offer.