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Meetings of shareholders of stock exchanges

MTSFB there was the second in Russia on the size of an authorised capital stock

the Largest and one of the oldest Russian stock exchanges - Moscow
central - has added one more to the advantages. The authorised capital of a stock exchange
has increased to 152 million rbl. that puts it on this parametre on the second place
among the Russian stock exchanges. The decision on authorised capital stock increase
was accepted at annual meeting of shareholders of the Moscow central stock exchange,
which has taken place yesterday in magnificent a conference - to a hall of the Center international
trade on Krasnopresnensky quay.

the Meeting passed in very solemn conditions. Having approached by three o`clock to
to sparkling doors of World trade centre, shareholders pleasantly
have been surprised already at registration - each of them has received a weighty package
accounting materials of the Moscow central stock exchange which number
included the financial report and the registered stocks printed under the special order in
of Sweden. Already repeatedly told about small weakness Moscow
the central stock exchange to forms of securities. Before the shareholders
the stock exchange management has, seemingly, decided to flaunt excellent taste and communications with
the western partners.
in the first part of meeting with detailed reports on the done work
the president of a stock exchange Vyacheslav Pankin and the chairman of exchange council
Yury Kotov have acted. To shareholders it has been in detail told about movement of actions of a stock exchange for
the last year. Having familiarised with the list of the companies excluded in 1992 on
to the various reasons from among shareholders of the Moscow central stock exchange,
the correspondent with grief has noticed that the stock exchange has lost variety large
financial institutions, including the known investment companies
Brok - Invest - Service and the Moscow finance and also large commercial
banks neftehimbank and Effect - the credit . In total, past year from
structure of shareholders of a stock exchange there were 70 legal bodies.
however for the same term the list of shareholders of a stock exchange has replenished with 68 organisations,
among which Savings Bank of Russia, commercial banks Unity Ljutvi
ExNet investment funds Vjatinvestfond and specialised
the Central check investment fund. The sharp-sighted eye of the correspondent has noticed
in the list of new shareholders such interesting organisations as Committee on
to management of the state property of Moscow and private enterprise
J.Kotov .
One of the important questions solved yesterday at meeting of shareholders, was
expansion of an authorised capital stock of a stock exchange. Shareholders have confirmed the council offer
directors about its increase at 25 million rbl. After legislative registration
this decision a stock exchange authorised capital stock will make 152 million rbl. Thus,
the Moscow central stock exchange becomes the largest in the country after
the Russian stock exchange. Additional 50 actions
0,5 million rbl. will be extended by a face-value among financial institutions which
will express desire to become shareholders of a stock exchange in 1993.
After long discussions of prospects of activity of a stock exchange during the current year slightly
tired, but meetings happy with a business part shareholders have gone in
restaurant Kontinental .