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Investigation of the case of restaurant to the Bark

On money on fictitious avizo gold abroad

In restaurant business " was bought; to the Bark begun with detection in its basement of shop on tailoring of fur products (see from March, 30th), unexpected circumstances were found out. The shop as it was found out, was not such underground as the militia confirmed, and, most likely, charge in non-payment of taxes from incomes of this line of activity of firm can become the unique claim to it. Most interesting in business to the Bark - the assumption of militia that the firm is a washing board for washing up of mafia money, and about participation of firm personnel in extortion.

During confidential conversation of the correspondent with one of rather informed employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, last frankly admitted that detection of underground fur shop was only a by-product militian operation. A main objective of visit of militia in restaurant - withdrawal of the documentation of firm for acknowledgement on participation to the Bark to mafia money-laundering.
we will remind that as a result of visit behind a lattice have appeared commercial director Vajtsa Talarov and snabzhenets firms Maxim Hvan. And, Korean Hvan contains in the Butyrsky pre-trial detention centre and passes there hardly probable not as one of leaders of the Chechen mafia (!) And its accomplice Korean Talarov - in pre-trial detention centre MBR in Lefortovo. Abduction of Malysheva, the chief accountant Outwardly - economic association " is made by it; prometej and extortion at association of 300 million rbl. and $10 million
In business is some incontestable facts which are throwing light not so much on technology of frauds with notorious Chechen avizo, tens times described in a press, how many on the transformation final stage exaggerated non-cash roubles in real values.
it is authentically known that in May, 1992 (that is at the very beginning of Russia which has shaken then economy of epidemic with fictitious avizo) association prometej has concluded the contract with firm Victoria registered in Grozny. By request Victorias the association (registered in Russia) should buy gold in jewels. As an advance payment Victoria using two fictitious avizo, has transferred into account prometeja 700 million rbl. the Association prokonvertirovala roubles in $6,5 million also has translated them abroad. On it authentically known facts while are settled, and concerning the further succession of events informants put forward four versions: dollars remained abroad, but gold on them has not been bought; gold have bought, but to Russia have not brought; gold to Russia have brought, and it is in Yakutia in jewels stored at unknown firm; gold is in Russia stored at private persons.
anyway, at militia to prometeju as to the legal body no claims are present: the consequence recognises as valid a certain certificate about performance by association of the obligations before Victoria also does not bring an attention to the question on withdrawal of gold or write-off from the account of association of 700 million fictitious roubles. But the consequence has arrested as accomplice Talarova and Hvana of the former president prometeja Svetlana Abakanovich. Rather interestingly that g - zha Abakanovich expelled on October, 30th, 1992 with honour (pension in 25 thousand rbl., personal fund in 5 million rbl., apartment in Zelenograd and the Zhiguli ), repeatedly complained of the former partners in Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia as on the swindlers involved in frauds with avizovkami. Svetlana Abakanovich wrote that chief accountant Malyshev and general director Ivanenko threatened it with physical violence in case it will not leave from a post of the president; its driver has declared that g - zhi Abakanovich have blown up once the car.
on May, 1st, by the time of when the consequence will start to make the bill of particulars on business to the Bark - prometeja we will return to this theme.