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the Antiquarian market of Moscow have reacted to occurrence pure collectors

For last week activity substantial increase in the Moscow market of antiques is fixed - 9 auctions have already taken place also two more pass today: state in salon ANTIQUES and joint-stock company auction the ALPHA - ART in the Central house of the artist. The scale which has accepted a preeaster antiquarian season this year, testifies to expansion of demand for subjects of antiquarian trade. In this connection it is represented interesting to analyse who now buys antiques.

objectively central figure defining a rating of products and a price level in the antiquarian market, the collector is. However in the western practice the collector enters the market as the dealer only in 50 % of cases, in the others operates through professional dealers. At us until recently employment by a collecting in 99,9 % meant and dilerstvo - the antiques were faster not a business subject, and something like a self-sufficient hobby. Position has changed two years ago when the number and financial possibilities of fans, on the one hand, has increased, with another - there were persons and the organisations, ready to act pure collectors. Stimulus, whether it be aesthetic claims, reasons of prestige or search of a way to save from devaluation money resources, for market expansion basically are indifferent. Now with frankly dealer purposes in Moscow it is made hardly more than half of acquisitions.
results of last auctions give interesting possibilities for the analysis of purchases. The least percent of realisation of prizes was shown by the state salons traditionally supplying dealer business. And firm auction " was the most successful (not it is so much by quantity of the sold prizes, how many on the importance for the serious antiquarian market); the MAGNUM where N.Dubovsky`s winter landscape of 1896 ($5000 - 7800) was the best pictorial work. Quality of the exposed prizes and the high price level excluding possibility of favourable resale (last circumstance absence of an effective rise in prices speaks the auctions also) have defined collection character of the overwhelming majority of acquisitions. From here results and the coincidence of expert and consumer sympathies noted by us at these auctions - was bought by knowing people and mainly for itself . Tactics of the high starting prices has justified itself at the first auctions Russian collections joint-stock company the ALPHA - ART . Thanking their success in last year new categories of buyers of the antiquarian market have been revealed: the beginners, ready to make expensive both prestigious acquisitions, and the firms, started to form serious collections.
tactics of high initial estimations is favourable to deliverers and provides inflow of qualitative things. Not casually at auctions Alphas for the first time in new conditions of the antiquarian market have reminded of itself museums which, having recovered after the first shock, find the necessary means to get exhibits at the market prices. Before auction on March, 20th the Historical museum has redeemed majolikovoe a dish Sadko on coast Ilmen - lakes under Vrubel`s sketch for $4000. However as a whole at last auctions tactics was replaced - starting estimations are low enough. This reception provokes price growth at the auctions, provides high percent of realisation and involves dealers. So, on March, 20th silver bought on - dilerski after the auctions (in avoidance of growth of the price).
From private auctions the auctions of firms " are most opened to dealer business; GELOS and ART - 2000 - the structure of auctions is various, the prices at level of the state salons. The majority of purchases is necessary on commercially favourable sectors of antiques (silver, porcelain). Such auction policy is favourable only at an enormous turn of things. Not casually firm Gelos the first began to spend auctions regularly, and since March, 26th - weekly. A variety of interests of buyers approaches the Moscow market of antiques to standards of the developed antiquarian business. The certificate to that is occurrence of information systems, interest to antiquarian business from the information organisations. So, the state enterprise LEER has prepared databases about participants of the antiquarian market of Moscow.

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