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The prime minister - the minister in St.-Petersburg

the Government wants to renew grain purchases in the USA

Yesterday Victor Tchernomyrdin`s working visit to St.-Petersburg has come to the end. During visit of premieres - the minister has visited garment factory the May Day dawn has met a city management, representatives of scientific and creative intelligency, and also has carried on negotiations with the Lithuanian prime minister Adolfasom Shljazhjavichusom. On a press - conferences following the results of visit Tchernomyrdin has declared the support of president Yeltsin, and also about government intention to renew grain purchase in the USA.

Observers notice that practically at Tchernomyrdin`s all last meetings in Petersburg heads of a various rank asked it questions on possibility of reception of grants. Nevertheless the Russian prime minister each time tactfully left from concrete answers to a place, promising to consider, however, requests in the nearest future . So happens and at Tchernomyrdin`s meeting with heads of the industrial enterprises (see from April, 2nd), when the director of production association the Kirov factory Peter Semenenko has offered the government to reconsider a policy of quotas and licences which, in its opinion, considerably complicates barter. At this Semenenko has given an example difficulties at the enterprise: the Kirov factory it is ready to exchange the of a tractor for grain in Stavropol Territory, but from - that reception of the licence for barter demands too many coordination, the director within already several months cannot to get a sensible answer . And the mayor of St.-Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak constantly accompanying the Russian prime minister during its two-day stay in a city, at a meeting with heads of the mayoralty and Petrosoveta in Smolnom has mentioned a question on grants for grain purchase - to keep thus price of bread.
during the past yesterday negotiations with the Lithuanian prime minister Adolfasom Shljazhjavichusom Tchernomyrdin it was not possible to leave and from discussion of political problems: the Russian prime minister has confirmed that a withdrawal of troops from Baltic, contrary to the appeared hearings about a suspension of this process, it will be carried out according to the schedule .
On taken place after negotiations with the prime minister of Lithuania a press - conferences Victor Tchernomyrdin has estimated results of visit to Petersburg as as a whole positive . Besides, the prime minister has informed journalists that he has addressed to Boris Yeltsin the request to lift at forthcoming negotiations with US president Bill Clinton a question on renewal of deliveries of grain to Russia. Answering a question on a government position in present crisis of the power, Tchernomyrdin has told: the Government supports the president, but never becomes its pale shade .