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Anatoly Kolodkin, the professor, the president of Association of the International marine law of Russia and the vice-president of the International sea committee, has come back from Copenhagen to Moscow. In conversation with the correspondent g - n Kolodkin has informed that during visit it has taken part in session of executive committee of the International sea committee. The question on the convention project on legal regulation of installation of petrochisel platforms was the main theme of discussion, by words g - on Kolodkina. Besides, g - n Kolodkin has told that the committee develops documents on cargo and passenger transportations by sea transport, and representatives of Association of the International marine law of Russia carry out consultations on a marine law for the organisations entering into system of the United Nations, namely for International Maritime Organization and United Nations Confederation on trade and development.

Lev Mukanov, the co-ordinator of building angarnogo an airport complex Vnukovo has come back to Moscow from Helsinki. In interview to the correspondent g - n Mukanov has informed that hangar building in Moscow is conducted together with firm Haka but while it is interrupted from - for financial difficulties from the Russian side . During visit g - n Mukanov has met representatives of the company and has carried on negotiations on questions of renewal of building. Besides, g - n Mukanov has informed that this hangar will be the first at the airport Vnukovo . Building of this construction is necessary, as a hangar considerably will facilitate work on checkup and repair of aviation technics of the personnel of the airport .

the Delegation of the House of friendship of the American city Madison has arrived to St.-Petersburg. This visit will pass in frameworks of the program of the Petersburg Council of the world and the consent From the house to the house . Active workers of council and visitors will consider a complex of the questions connected with development of bilateral cooperation. The delegation structure included workers of city self-management of formation, representatives of business circles. Besides, members of delegation will familiarise with living conditions of Petersburgers and will visit a number of schools of a city. Activity of the House of friendship as to public organisation is directed on assistance in expansion of communications of the Russian representatives with American peace-making to movements.

Sergey Novozhilov, the journalist and the film critic, the art director of a film festival Film shock - 93 and the art director of the Moscow creative centre the Actor has taken off for Stockholm. As it was possible to learn to the correspondent, originally g - n Novozhilov planned to take off for Sweden together with the actor and film director Andrey Haritonovym, but at the last minute that has been compelled to remain on family circumstances . In Sweden g - on Novozhilov a lot of work expects: it should meet organizers of Geteborgsky festival and reach arrangements on their repeated participation in the Russian film festival. G - n Novozhilov has told to the correspondent that the next festival Film shock - 93 it is planned to spend from September, 5 till September, 13th this year in Anapa. This time the festival will be devoted century from the date of a birth of actress Vera Holodnaja. Will organise festival the Moscow creative centre the Actor which general director - actress Irina Shevchyuk, and the president - a script writer and film director Victor Merezhko. The preliminary arrangement that July Gusman becomes the main director of opening and festival closing is reached. As has noted g - n Novozhilov, idea of festival not to shock, and to stir up spectators and participants after an internal general dream . Thus organizers plan to bring for festival and those pictures which shootings else proceed. Spectators and participants of festival are expected by the big creative program. This time organizers do not become, as it was on the past Film shock to invite hundred sixty creative collectives and executors - from Peter Mamonova to Masha Rasputinoj.

Vitse - admiral Chzhan Ljanchzhun (Quin Lianquin), the commander Military - naval forces Is national - a liberation army of China, has arrived to Moscow under the invitation of the Commander-in-chief Military - marine sea fleet of Russia of admiral Felix Gromova. During ten-day visit the Chinese military leader plans to visit St.-Petersburg, Severomorsk and Vladivostok also. It will carry on negotiations with the deputy minister of defence of Russia Andrey Kokoshin, commanders Northern both Pacific fleet and Leningrad military - sea base. G - n Chzhan Ljanchzhun will visit military - sea academy of the Navy of Russia, will visit on the nuclear diesel submarine, a nuclear rocket cruiser Admiral Ushakov And other surface ships of fleet. By words g - on Chzhan Ljanchzhuna, told by it on the eve of flying away to Moscow, its visit should promote development of communications between military - naval forces of two countries . During visit purchase questions by China the military ships in Russia will be considered also.

Chintsija Bernikki (Cinzia Bernicchi), chairman of the board Interexpo, and Paolo Dzinibon (Paolo Zanibon), the director of the Italian association of manufacturers of technics for derevoobrabotki (ACIMALL), and other organizers of an exhibition the TECHNOPOLIS - 93 which will pass in October in St.-Petersburg, have taken off for Milan. In a current of week the group has made a series of trips charter flights in various cities of the CIS. In particular, Italians have made flight of the centres derevoobrabotki - Bratsk, Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk, Minsk, Kiev, where every day in 10. 00 there passed presentation of the future exhibition with the story that on it will be presented also by answers to questions. And in 14. 00 Italians already flied to the following city.

the delegation of deputies of the Supreme body of Russia and the politicians representing various parties and fractions, has taken off for the USA. Into its structure have entered: Andrey Tchaikovsky, a member of parliamentary committee on defence and the representative of group Fatherland ; its colleague and assistant Boris Tarasov; Natalia Narochnitsky, vice-president Konstitutsionno - democratic party; Ilya Rojtman, the vice-president of Democratic party. Together with them the representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Savelyev has departed to the USA. It is planned that during visit members of parliament will discuss with the colleagues - the American congressmen a question on creation of free economic zones in Russia.

Vadim Volkov, the general director Russian - Swedish derevoobrabatyvajushchej the companies Berosil and Yury Arhiptsev, the general director of firm Sadkora Branch of Swedish company Sadko, have arrived from Turkey. In the Turkish resort city of Antalya on the bank of Mediterranean sea there has passed their meeting with representatives Sadko and of some Turkish firms on which prospects of development of economic relations of Sweden and Tatarstan were discussed. In a meeting spending holiday has taken part in Turkey the prime minister - the minister of Tatarstan Muhammat Sabirov. G - n Wolves represented interests of the Tatar party, and g - n Arhiptsev, together with representatives Sadko, - Swedish.

Vitaly Tchurkin, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia and the special representative of the Russian president at negotiations on settlement in Bosnia, has arrived from Belgrad. Within a week g - n Tchurkin was in Yugoslavia where participated in negotiations with representatives of the parties clashing in Bosnia. Details about mission g - on Tchurkin see p. 10.