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the Exchange market of metals became more active

By the end of month the market of metals has considerably quickened, to what testify increase in number of the concluded transactions and volumes of the sold parties, and also accelerated and come nearer to rate of inflation a rise in prices. Experts mark the general for the market of metals a tendency: expecting increase from the beginning of April of cost prices, sellers have considerably risen in the offer price.

the Past week has confirmed assumptions of experts of activization of the market of metals, first of all the colour. However long-awaited revival of trade has occurred not at all stock exchanges: leaders of a steel the Moscow stock exchange of nonferrous metals and the Stock exchange of metals. Especially bright against preceding stagnation of the market of a steel of event on the first of them. At last auctions on April, 1st transactions for a total sum about 550 million rbl. here are concluded Largest of them - contracts on realisation 500 - ton parties of the refined copper of mark 0 and primary aluminium 5. It is interesting that aluminium was got by rather large metallurgical enterprise. Copper at the Moscow stock exchange of nonferrous metals (however, as well as everywhere) has appeared one of the risen most in price metals - its price has grown on 14 %.
At the Stock exchange of metals for last week large transactions on sale not only colour, but also ferrous metals among which sheet hire prevailed have been concluded. In bulletins of offers have appeared corrosion-proof sheet hire at considerably evolved prices, and also the spongy titan who did not appear in a price - sheets from the end of December. It is natural that in this time the offer price has risen more than in 3 times.
estimating prospects of exchange trade in metals, observers are not inclined to consider outlined revival how many - nibud long-term. As in connection with expected increase of cost prices by manufacturers offer stock quotes on the basic groups of nonferrous metals have essentially grown, brokers after some period of active work, most likely, will occupy a waiting attitude.