Rus News Journal

Yeltsin, Hasbulatov, Tchernomyrdin

Boris Yeltsin

In short-term holiday till March, 1st
10. 00 Talked by phone with vitse - prime minister Vladimir Shumejko about a course of preparation of an April referendum
13. 00 In telephone conversation with vitse - prime minister Anatoly Chubajsom has discussed the project of a government program of privatisation for 1993. G - n Chubays has informed the president on results taken place on the eve of meeting concerning privatisation and use of privatisation checks
14. 00 Having studied projects of a government program of privatisation for 1993 and the law on privatisation checks, has disposed to withdraw them from the Supreme body
16. 00 - 18. 00 Got acquainted with presented to it Sergey Shahraem various variants of actions in case of cancellation at extraordinary congress of the decision on carrying out of a referendum and official refusal of parliament of development of the Constitutional agreement

Ruslan Hasbulatov
10. 00 Has caused a press - secretary Konstantin Zlobina and has informed it on the decision not to spend session of presidium VS outlined for February, 24th concerning development of the Constitutional agreement
10. 15 - 14. 00 Talked in the office to vice-presidents VS and chairmen of chambers (by turns), finding out their relation to the variant of the Constitutional agreement offered by the president. It was convinced of complete support from their party of idea about refusal of referendum carrying out
16. 00 Has congratulated Anatoly Anikieva on its election on a post of the vice-president of the Soviet of nationalities instead of Vitaly Syrovatko appointed the secretary of presidium VS
17. 00 - 18. 30 Prepared the report on measures of stabilisation of the constitutional system in Russia with which Victor Tchernomyrdin
11 plans to act on February, 25th at joint session of chambers of parliament

. 00 - 13. 00 Has met from premieres - the minister of Republic Tatarstan Muhammatom Sabirovym. Has discussed with it a number of the problems connected with prospects trading - economic cooperation of Russia and Tatarstan in 1993
15. 00 - 17. 30 Worked in an office on an Old Square. Has signed a package of documents, including the Ministerial council decision About the Ministerial council plan of action - the Governments of the Russian Federation on economic reform realisation in 1993 in which measures on financial stabilisation and structural reorganisation of economy, and the decision establishing the sizes of payments at business trips in the former Soviet republics

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