Rus News Journal

In the markets of bakeries

the Swindler has stolen swindles more than it was supposed

Yesterday new details on firm business " became known; AMA - Inzheniring
which general director, somebody Feodor Golitsyn, has made a number of swindles on
the Russian market of bakeries. Wrote about it on February, 13th.

Yesterday in edition the chief executive of the Moscow firm
" has addressed; Brokeksporthleb Oleg Ljubimov also has informed that its enterprise also
has suffered damage from enterprise activity the general director
AMA - Inzheniring Feodor Golitsyn. And losses Brokeksporthleba more than
twice exceed losses of other firms and make 24 million roubles. What is
interesting, the suffered firm in militia has not addressed. As has told g - n
Ljubimov, Golitsyn has seemed to it such speculator that hopes to return
the stolen millions simply at anybody any more does not remain and the firm has already written off
money under article losses .
contract Conditions were similar to the previous: AMA - Inzheniring it was obliged
to put Brokeksporthlebu at intermediary of the Moscow commodity exchange
1300 tons of grain on the terms of an absolute advance payment which has arrived on
the firm account - the seller in Moscow Tempbank in October of last year. Golitsyn,
having made fictitious otgruzochnye waybills, has shown them in bank, has removed all
the sum and has disappeared from buyers. Under not confirmed data, Golitsyn already
has left limits of Russia and is in Italy as at it has been issued
the international passport and the Italian visa is opened. The consequence about it
evades from comments.