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the Chairman of the council of ministers of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin has signed the order prepared to execute the decree of the president of Russia from April, 2nd, 1993 About snabzhenchesko - marketing extra charges on oil products . According to the government directive, the new sizes snabzhenchesko - marketing extra charges to the prices for the oil products confirmed by Roskomtsen according to the governmental order of Russia from September, 17th, 1992 About state regulation of the prices for power resources, other kinds of production and service with introduction in action since March, 16th and on April, 1st, 1993, are not subject to application till July, 1st, 1993 regarding deliveries for agriculture for carrying out of spring field works. In this connection together with Ministry of Fuel and Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia it is entrusted to the Ministry of Finance in 10 - dnevnyj term to define an order of indemnification of dropping out incomes of the enterprises and the organisations nefteproduktoobespechenija in April - June, 1993 at the expense of budgetary funds at a rate of a difference between again established extra charges and operating as of March, 1st, 1993.

the Chairman of the council of ministers of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin has signed the order about acceptance of the offer of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Transport of Russia about indemnification at a rate of 50 % of expenses of rural commodity producers on gorjuchesmazochnye the materials spent in 1993 at carrying out of agricultural works with use of aircraft. The offer of two ministries has been co-ordinated with the Ministry of Finance.

the Decree of the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin of the Russian state broadcasting company Ostankino the status of the company of the international value is given. It is entrusted to government of Russia to assign to a broadcasting company Ostankino the right of full economic conducting the property which was on its balance as of January, 1st, 1993 and to provide it polnoobemnoe a transboundary announcement. More in detail about the decree - on p. 11.

Russian vitse - prime minister Alexander Shokhin to whom the president according to the decree from February, 26th duties of the chairman of organising committee of the International agency on insurance of foreign investments into the Russian Federation upon noncommercial risks have been assigned by the order has confirmed personal structure of this committee.

in official mailing the letter of the State tax service of Russia " has arrived; About the taxation of Bars . According to the document, the profit tax assesses excess of incomes of boards over expenses on the activity which is not concerning a legal aid. Incomes of the edition of brochures, the organisations of paid seminars and realisation vnerealizatsionnyh operations should be taxed in the general order. Created by members of boards legal firms and other commercial formations also pay the profit tax and other taxes from legal bodies. The fees received by lawyers for rendering of a legal aid to citizens and the enterprises, are assessed with surtax from physical persons.

the decision of the Cabinet of Republic Tatarstan " has taken effect; About licensing and kvotirovanii export and import of the goods (works, services) in Republic Tatarstan territory in 1993 . According to it seven kinds of quotas are established, and also the order of registration and delivery of licences in foreign trade activities is defined. It is told about it on p. 9 more in detail.

the republic Komi Parliament (as a part of the Russian Federation) has decided to suspend in territory of republic action of one of points of the decree of the president of Russia from January, 29th, 1992 About a freedom of commerce . The decision of parliament of Komi concerns grantings to the enterprises and to citizens of the right to carry out trading activity without special permissions. According to accepted by session of the Supreme body of republic Komi by the law About administrative responsibility for infringements of rules of trade and pricings on the basis of article 93 of the Constitution of republic Komi trade in republic territory can be carried out only under licences of local administrations.