Rus News Journal

Yeltsin, Hasbulatov, Tchernomyrdin

Boris Yeltsin

12. 00 Having finished the program of negotiations with US president Bill Clinton (p. 1 see and 9), has taken off from Vancouver for Moscow
15. 30 Has stopped off at the city of Bratsk
16. 00 - 17. 00 At a meeting with inhabitants of Bratsk again has confirmed readiness to continue democratic transformations to the politician and economy
17. 30 - 19. 00 At a meeting with heads of the Irkutsk region has addressed to heads of local administration and Council to provide carrying out of the All-Russia referendum on April, 25th
23. 00 According to official representatives of the president, will arrive at this time to the airport Vnukovo - 2 where will short address to journalists following the results of a meeting in Vancouver

Ruslan Hasbulatov
11. 00 - 11. 40 At a meeting with heads of Institute socially - political researches has taken an interest in opinion of scientists on a forthcoming referendum. Some scientists have stated fear that in voting of signs sufficient - for reception of concrete result - quantity of citizens
15. 00 - 15. 45 Has given interview of English broadcasting company ITN in which has estimated socially - a political situation in Russia after IX congress. Has expressed hope that the All-Russia referendum will allow to soften opposition of the authorities
17. 00 - 18. 20 Talked to the first deputy Yury Voroninym concerning passing today in the President - hotel of a round table (the report on this session will publish tomorrow); has informed that itself in connection with congestion Victor Tchernomyrdin
9 will not accept in it participation

. 30 - 11. 30 Has spent planned (passing on Mondays) working meeting with the assistants. At meeting has summed up a trip to St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region (analyzed a trip of the prime minister on April, 2nd and 3). Has declared necessity of revision of a policy of the taxation, in particular concerning the industrial enterprises and the defensive complex enterprises, including located in Leningrad region and St.-Petersburg
12. 00 - 14. 00 Has spent a number of consultations of heads of the various ministries and employees of the device of the cabinet on current questions
15. 30 - 17. 30 At session of board of the Ministry of Agriculture (Orlikov of the lane, 1) recommended to heads of the ministry to assist barter transactions on an exchange of production of agriculture for the industrial goods