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the Beginning of week in Pacific stock markets has not brought any unexpectedness for investors. Stockbrokers of Hong Kong on Monday did not work - in a colony one of numerous east holidays was marked. The Sydney brokers did not shine with activity, and only at the Tokyo stock exchange self-assured and in force of the local market dealers did not hesitate to show activity. Japanese brokers did not have a lack of orders for purchase, and activity of local investors did not come within miles of burning desire of foreigners to put up money in Japanese actions. Unlike other financial markets about which that about them is not known is known only, the Tokyo stock exchange for investors - the open book. introduction of the program of financial stimulation of Japanese economy is already almost come true fact, and, most likely, it has calmed those who was afraid of proceeding growth of a course of yen in relation to the basic world currencies - has noted one of local dealers. The unknown person remained only cost the governmental program, but many experts tended to that the most real figure - $100 billion During the day index Nikkei - 225 continued to grow and to closing of the auctions on Monday has made 19759,46 with day growth in 312,52.
Showing bull moods, Japanese as if underlined that them does not excite and will not excite position at overseas stock exchanges. Approximately the same way operated on Monday and the Australian brokers. the market is in a remarkable condition that proves to be true almost total absence of reaction to large falling of stock quotes on Uoll - strit on Friday - has noticed REUTER one of the Sydney brokers, making comments on decrease in index All Ordinaries on 13 points to 1670,1.
to the Americans who have worried in the end of last week a collapse Quotations (Dow`s index - Johns has fallen to 68,63 points to 3370,81), will be to think over what on the begun week. According to observers, the rate of inflation becomes a major factor in stock market of the USA, the data about which growth is expected in the beginning of week. Any American dealer did not doubt, however, that Friday fall was only florets and berries will appear at the very beginning of the come week. we are not pleased any more with statements of the government that inflation growth is under control. Let so, but it does not remove a problem - here some months monthly growth of a rate of inflation appears much above assumed - has noted in interview REUTER one of the American observers. Analysts assumed, as the price index of manufacturers and the retail price index will raise not less than on 0,3 %. It will not be a surprise, but bad news does not become good even if you expect it - Joseph Carson (Joseph Carson), the senior economist nju - jorkskoj companies Dean Witter has told to correspondent REUTER. At the head of falls on Uoll - strit there were actions Philip Morris after the statement for prospective sharp decrease in incomes of the company in 1993 and the compelled drop in prices on one of the most popular marks of cigarettes - Marlboro. Relay race of falling of actions of manufacturers of tobacco products has been picked up by competitor Philip Morris - the British corporation of Century And. T, letting out, among other, cigarettes Kim and HB. Yesterday in the morning shares of company in London have fallen to 34 pence, and the general falling of stock quotes since Friday has made 100 pence to 895 pence. The general situation at the London stock exchange too left much to be desired. On Monday for the first half an hour of trade FTSE - 100 has fallen to 18,8 points to 2851,1. On other party La - Mansha the situation at stock exchanges remained uncertain. As the European observers consider, change of the French office can lead to unexpected turns in country economic policy, and got used to look back at the German colleagues Frenchmen this week will exchange with them in places and in an exchange sheaf Paris - Frankfurt will take a place fashion-makers .
the Trojsky ounce of gold in Asia cost $340,80, having risen on 80 cents in comparison with the Friday price in the evening in New York. The barrel brent - mixes went to Asia on $19,15 with increase on 15 cents in comparison with the price at the moment of closing of the International oil stock exchange in London.