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Race Valvoline 200 Andretti

has won Mario Andretti has won on April, 4th race Valvoline 200 Indycar in Phoenix. Thereby it compensated to the command Newman - Haas Nigel Mansell`s who has had an accident on Saturday absence.

Andretti which were at the wheel Lola - Ford, finished the first in race, having bypassed on a circle of Brazilian Raul Bosela which has occupied on the Duracel - Mobil Lola - Ford the second place. The victory of the veteran has appeared unexpected: throughout all race Canadian Pol Trejsi on car Penske - Chevy was in the lead. American Jimmy Vasser finished the third on one more Lola, equipped with Chevrolet motor. For 53 - the summer Andretti which for the first time have won race still in 1959, this victory became the first in world series Indycar since 1988 and has made its leader of the championship of 1993 after two competitions (all in his career it is 52 - I a victory in series Indycar and 100 - I - in races of the first class).
On start of Andretti has overtaken the Canadian of Mackenzie and has come forward. On 10 - the m a circle the leader became Trejsi, but on 161 - m a circle car Trejsi has had an accident, and in leaders there was Emerson Fittipaldi on Penske - Chevy, but after repeated start on 171 - m a circle and it has had an accident.

Mike Stendli`s first victory
from the USA large tournament on golf Freeport - McMoRan Golf Classic with a prize fund in $1 million which were passing in Louisiana (New Orleans, the USA) has come to the end with Mike Stendli`s Victory on Sunday. The winner has typed 281 point, having outstripped on Pejna Stewart`s in the lead throughout all tournament one blow.

After the first and second circle Pejn Stewart was in the lead - it has spent 140 blows in two attempts, and Stendli went the second - 142 blows. In the third attempt Stewart has admitted a number of discrepancies and has spent this time 73 blows, and Stendli has reduced rupture to one blow. All has dared in the fourth circle. Stendli, coolly having passed a distance for 67 blows, types 281 point while Stewart remains only 282 blows second with result. It was the first large victory of Stendli in game in a golf under version PGA Tour Masters. The check in the $185 thousand Third place became an award for skill to it has occupied Rass Kohran which have spent in first two attempts on five blows more than the second prize-winner. The first player in world classification Nik Faldo (Great Britain) has unsuccessfully acted on tournament: its result - 294 blows.

news from man`s tennis tournaments
last week there have passed at once some man`s tennis tournaments. Tournament Estoril Open in Eshtorile (Portugal) with a prize fund $525 thousand was won by inhabitant of Kiev Andrey Medvedev. On tournament Salem Open in Osaka (Japan) with a prize fund $500 thousand victory were gained by Michael Chang (USA).

Andrey Medvedev (22 - I a world racket) has successfully acted in the open championship Eshtorilja (Portugal). Easily enough (6:4, 6:2) having won against Spaniard Emilio Sanchez, he has reached the final, where has crossed rackets to Karelian Novachekom from Czechia, won in other semi-final at Swede Magnusa Gustafssona with the account 6:4, 6:4. In the ending passionately supported by fans 18 - the summer inhabitant of Kiev has finished with Novachekom with the account 6:4, 6:2. For a victory Medvedev has won a prize in $71 000.
the Large sensation has occurred in a tournament semi-final in Osaka: American Jim Kure (1 - I a racket) in two sets 5:7, 6:7 (4:7) has suffered defeat from Israeli Amos Mansdorfa (36 - I a racket). In other semi-final compatriot Kure Michael Chang (9 - I a racket) in three sets - 6:2, 3:6, 6:3 - have won Frenchman Stefana Simiana. The ending has passed in persistent and intense struggle where on a back line was stronger 21 - the summer American of the Chinese origin - 6:4, 6:4. It has received $67 thousand For this victory
the Winner of the open championship of the republic of South Africa there was American Aaron Krikshtejn who has won in the tournament ending in Durban against it the owner the Grant of Stafford with the account 6:3, 7:6 (9:7).

Shteffi of Columns takes a revenge
In Hilton Hede (South Carolina, the USA) has come to the end female tennis tournament Family Circle Cup with a prize fund $750 thousand Victory on it has gained 2 - I a racket of the world of Shteffi of Columns (Germany). After this victory it has every chance to return herself a rank of the strongest tennis-player of the world.

on Saturday semi-finals were played tournament. At first the Count has won the first set with a whitewash against Argentinean Gabriela Sabatini (5 - I a racket). In the second at the account 5:1 in its advantage of Columns has relaxed and has allowed Sabatini to catch up with it. But on thaw - a break the Argentinean nevertheless has lost it with the account 3:7.
In other semi-final have met 17 - summer American Jennifer Kapriati and Spaniard Aranta Sanchez Vikario (3 - I a racket). Kapriati the first set has won with the account 6:2 and conducted in the second - 5:4, but at the crucial moment has not sustained an impact of the Spaniard and has lost three games successively. She already has lost the third set dry.
In the ending in the first set there was a persistent struggle, and only on thaw - a break of Columns has managed to prove the superiority (10:8). In in the second set its advantage was already suppressing - 6:1. In this match the winner has received $150 thousand For a victory, and as a consolation for the Spaniard that after tournament it with 4 - go places - sheet of tennis-players has moved to a rating on 3 - e can serve.