Rus News Journal

The chronicle of road problems

Weather continues to indulge all. Frosty nights begin to decline, clear serene days all are longer. After long, hardened and not always successful struggle of owners of cars against winter impassability driving on capital streets brings afflictions ever less, and at times even starts to deliver pleasure familiar to all true motorists. The it is more pleasant to inform, as at today`s night morozets hardly held out to - 1 , and even at all capitulated to +4 . Well, and in the afternoon even the occasion will be adjusted on a summer harmony and summer style of driving: +7 ... +12 . If to trust weather forecasters today screen wipers at all will not be useful to you, and only the small wind will tenderly blow in a luggage carrier.
performance of absurdity with the working name excavation in Small Georgian street at last, it is finished. Scenery are cleaned, actors in vests of colour of a southern decline and with lomikami in hands, warmly having taken leave, have dispersed on vicinities and, without having cooled down yet from inspiration, continue by inertia podalbyvat street. It is already possible to count up losses: the hole before a crossroads with the Big Tishinsky lane, opposite to the house #31, all - navsego is filled up shchebenkoj and, as one would expect, has already settled. But along all street now there are ugly cavities in asphalt, on which your iron mustang still pooblomaet to themselves hoofs . Especially attentive it is necessary to be opposite to houses #22, 12 and 4. Well, and the culmination of your rally on Small Georgian becomes anti-tank rovchik depth in 7 - 8 sm which lies across all road at departure on street Red Presnya. All this set spring gifts also bears responsibility for constant stoppers at this crossroads. As the Big Georgian street is still closed for movement, experts advise for journey on street Red Presnya to use streets of 1905 and the Presnensky Shaft.
one more burdensome crossroads - streets Antonova - Ovseenko and Shmitovsky journey is worthy. Here, directly in the crossing centre, repairmen have settled to put a patch in the size 5 on 5 metres, however further an idea business has not gone yet: were limited only to that have spoilt asphalt. Remember that this crossroads not for reckless drivers.
in last number we already warned about danger which is represented by tunnels in connection with campaign for their clearing of a dirt. Today we warn that crude tunnels represent where the big danger: at entrance to a tunnel from street Belomorsky, passing under the Leningrad highway, drivers are waited by a huge heap of a dirt in the right number. If you safely passed it, do not hasten to be reconstructed to the right: In the tunnel the lattice of a waste well fenced zaborchikom with a sign is opened. However see them you can, if only in time include headlights, because in a tunnel darkly as in an underworld.
however that it all of us about the bad. Really heroes of labour everyday life more do not show today noble examples, worthy imitation? Undoubtedly, show. Association of administrative and technical inspections has notified the world on qualitative performance of repair work in streets Sretenka, Kropotkinsky and Nikolsky. Speak, even in the street Prechistenka purely.