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Exhibition opening in gallery Mars

Sergey Poljakov has presented the Old Slavic painting

Yesterday in the Moscow gallery M ` ARS the exhibition of painting and a drawing
Sergey Poljakova has opened. The artist on - to the reinterprets Old Slavic
mythology, continuing tradition of masters XIX - the beginnings of the XX-th centuries.

the Artist and the schedule Sergey Poljakov (36 years) studied in Moscow state
art institute of V.I.Surikova, in a workshop of a portrait of Ilya
Glazunov. Since 1983 he participated in group youth exhibitions on
Kuznetsk to the bridge and in exhibitions of artists - graduates of a workshop of Glazunov
( Impressions of a trip to Italy the Arena (Moscow), 1986; It I - My God
Leningrad, 1990; time Wheel and Paints of autumn gallery Hamovniki
1992). The participant of a sensational exhibition the Labyrinth (1988) and exhibitions
Christianity. Traditions and the present (a hall on Soljanke, 1989). Personal
exhibitions of the artist passed in Gallery at Mill River (Massachusetts, the USA,
1990), Lovenstein Gallery (Fordham University at Lincoln Center, New York,
1992), Somerstown Gallery (New York, 1992), library of secretary of the United Nations
(New York, 1992), Culture Center of Nassa - County (Long Ailend, 1992). Works
Sergey Poljakova are in Jim Clark`s collection (Jim Clark), the president
companies Jim Clark Art, and at other private persons to Russia, the USA, France, Denmark.

In gallery M ` ARS 37 picturesque cloths and 31 sheet of a drawing of Sergey
are exposed by Poljakova. According to experts, its figurative painting by plots and
a creative manner remind Vasily Vasnetsova and Ivan Bilibina`s works.
the Basic theme of creativity of the artist are Old Slavic legends. On
to a recognition of Poljakova, he is obliged by the interest to Russian history to Glazunov.
critics define a direction of creativity of Poljakova as romantic
symbolism and he names Michael Vrubel`s idol.
the exposed painting of Poljakova is estimated from $1500 to $5000, the schedule - from $100
to $500 for sheet. The exhibition will last till March, 13th, on its results will inform
on March, 16th.