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Ukraine builds the oil terminal

Kiev intends to do without some the Russian oil

the Serious energy crisis endured by Ukraine in connection with a severe shortage of the Russian oil, induces Kiev to search of alternative suppliers of energy carriers. On yesterday`s a press - the conference devoted to this problem, the chairman of the parliamentary commission on an economic reform Vladimir Pilipchuk has declared that the total to the offered Ukraine not Russian oil already makes about 80 million tons.

G - n Pilipchuk did not name, from what particularly the countries these preliminary offers have arrived, but has told that this figure does not include the Iranian oil. As it is known, in February it has been reached Ukrainian - the Iranian agreement on deliveries to Ukraine of 4,5 million t oil. As to Russia, that, according to Pilipchuka, it objectively cannot satisfy requirement of Ukraine from - for sharp falling of volumes of oil recovery. In these conditions in Kiev count on not Russian sources.

annual requirement of Ukraine - 44 million t oil products: 10 million t gasoline, 14 million t fuel, 20 million t black oil. Own oil recovery - 4 million t.

In view of reorientation to other suppliers in front of Ukraine there was a problem of transportation of oil. For its decision it is supposed to construct in port Southern near Odessa the oil terminal with throughput of 40 million t oil in a year. The terminal will be connected to existing system of oil pipelines on which only Russian oil is now pumped over. The terminal first stage (on 12 million) is supposed to be installed in 1994.
on building of a water part of the terminal the international competition will be declared. By words g - on Pilipchuka, in this respect already there are interesting offers. One Greek firm, which name not is disclosed, undertakes yet build the terminal for 7 - 9 months while it is required to other firms on it till 18 months. For terminal building in the prices of January, 1993 it is required 3,2 mlrd karbovantsev and 120 million dollars. The first stage will manage in 600 - 800 million karbovantsev and 42 million dollars. As to payment for oil which will be delivered to Ukraine in Kiev hope to find resources necessary for it. It is expected that published yesterday g - nom Pilipchukom the parliament of Ukraine will confirm ground plans of the terminal till the end of April.