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The forwarding agent of firm Karmen gives evidences

to Militia accident

Moscow criminal investigation department detained the day before by department on struggle against gangsterism on suspicion in storage of the weapon the forwarding agent of small enterprise " has helped Yesterday; Karmen Sergey Shevchyuk has started to give evidences. He admitted extortion $2 thousand and drawing of physical injuries to the former employee of firm predestal .

At that time while police officers patiently waited g - on Shevchyuk at his place that in the presence of suspect to execute a search, last together with anywhere not working Dmitry Korotkov is literally in the next house beat out $2 thousand from the former mechanic predestala . Having called at a door, friends have pulled out it on a platform and have strongly beaten. During time ekzekutsii material claims to the former employee of firm have been given reason: Accused him that it, working in predestale ostensibly has badly repaired Korotkov, Shevchyuk`s foreign cars and their friends.
with feeling of the executed debt g - n Shevchyuk has gone home and has got to its expecting militian ambush. To the racketeer just right was to be surprised efficiency Moscow criminal investigation department, but it was soon found out that visit of field investigators is caused by absolutely other reasons.
at a search on apartment 16 cartridges from a pistol of Makarova have been found. G - n Shevchyuk has declared that the area belongs to his mother, and is not excluded that cartridges too it. Last statement has caused sincere surprise of the elderly woman. On one of militian versions, the pistol nevertheless was, but remained with Dmitry Korotkov. And that, having learnt about Shevchyuk`s detention, has managed to hide the weapon reliably.