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10 Russian frontier guards

Terrorists are grasped hunted only for frontier guards

Today comes back to the events developed round captured on April, 5th on Tadjik - the Afghani border of 10 Russian frontier guards (wrote about incident on April, 7th). As the assistant to the head of Committee of national safety of Tajikistan has informed Bahodur Abdulloev, they are live and are in territory of Afghanistan. Representatives of the government of Tajikistan also It is mountain - Badahshansky autonomous region carry on negotiations with the authorities of frontier Afghani areas for clearing of the captured.

Meanwhile as it became known from sources in Dushanbe, any of operating on a site of Horogsky boundary group of the armed Tadjik groupings has not incurred responsibility for this action. The field commander Abdul Kadyr which groups supervise in Afghanistan adjacent with Tajikistan a border site, has declared to command of Horogsky frontier group non-participation of its people in incident. Searches of the gone Russian military men proceed. While it is established only that attempt at the military men transporting on two motor vehicles artillerijsko - the technical equipment of Horogsky frontier group, was at all for the purpose of a robbery as anything from transported was not gone. Terrorists have simply pushed off trucks in a precipice.
the group of experts of a staff of frontier troops of Russia will arrive to Tajikistan for incident investigation on April, 9th. On the further succession of events and about results of search of the gone Russian military men will inform on April, 10th.