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According to Vladimir Shumejko, in the last half a year was stabilised an industrial production condition in Russia
the New governmental commission and Council of businessmen at Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations develop forms of support of industrial export
** the Contract of the CIS on collective safety 2
Customs committee has let out a package of the documents, concerning clearings of payment of the VAT and excises at import
the French bank Union Europeenne de CIC has presented materials under the analysis of the Russian bank system
the working group of experts VES Is created and the Savings Bank on preparation of the project of decision VES on indexation of contributions of the population
In Moscow cost of official registration of papers for habitation privatisation
Daily is raised:
Results of visit of Kozyreva to Pakistan: The prime minister - the minister of Pakistan has urged the Afghani leaders to release the Russian prisoners of war 9
Customs committee of Russia has entered declaring of the goods imported and taken out of the states CIS 5
the Moscow Council has prepared the project of the preferential taxation of small-scale business 9
the State Property Committee of Russia the FOREIGN POLICY
Russia and Georgia objects to the decision signed by Tchernomyrdin about reorganisation of Aeroflot 5
the American congressmen have agreed about a conclusion of the Russian commandoes from Abkhazia 9
have discussed with the Russian deputies questions of ratification of the contract on SNV - 2 and export of the Russian weapon to Iran 9
**! Licensing of investment institutes 9
the Government strengthens control over gold mining 9
VS Ukraine has confirmed the indicative plan and the budget on 1993 9
! Consortium Ortcard International has published the release program in Russia of credit cards with rouble payment of invoices 5
At the currency auctions in Moscow the course 740 rbl./ $6
Soglashenie Petrosoveta and Foreign trade and investment bank is fixed: the decision of a question on defrosting of currency means is postponed 5
Representatives Bank of New York have shared with the Russian colleagues experience with letters of credit and checks 5
! To an insurance society Rospotrebrezerv the claim for 398,9 million roubles for non-payment under bills 14
According to the rate of the new excise the prices for cars " are risen; the Muscovite 5
the contract on creation in St.-Petersburg Is signed is settlement - depozitarnogo the centre 4
At session of board of directors of federation of the Russian stock exchanges have discussed personnel shifts 4
! Bank Dolena Has opened MBTSM the demand line of credit under the new scheme of transactions on purchase and sale of apartments 4
Firm Smolsat has started realisation of the project of space e-mail the Messenger - 1 4
the Zarajsky factory has started to make footwear under the contract with the Italian firm Eurosiba 4
Joint venture Hudzhant - ZIL has begun assemblage of the first pre-production model of the new bus 4
! Edward Martsevich has put at Small theatre A.N.Ostrovsky`s comedy 11
! For the first time in Russia publishing house Crops represents an exhibition of the periodical press and books 11
At festival opening today the Second premiere films of young cinematographers 11
At the Maryinsky Theater are presented will pass the prime minister of ballet Anna Karenina 11
Results of competition of an actor`s song: The first award the actress of Student`s theatre of the Moscow State University 11
Details about murder of the producer " is awarded; Combinations : the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has brought accusation to the suspect
At a briefing in MBR employees have told about use operatively - means 15
criminal case against the Petersburg co-operative society for suspicion in swindle 15
the First results of the Moscow campaign for replacement of the advertising executed in foreign languages 15
is brought! VS Mordovias were abolished by a post of the president of republic 9