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Licenses of stock exchanges, investment institutes and qualifying certificates
  Licenses of stock exchanges, investment institutes and qualifying certificates of their experts have strongly risen in price
Yesterday in mailing has arrived the letter of the Ministry of Finance essentially increasing the size of gathering, operating structures raised for a licensing on securities market and certification of experts. Quotations of the Ministry of Finance have increased in 10 - 100 times. Details - on p. 9.

Boris Yeltsin has supported the Mordovian president
the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has published the decree About maintenance of unity of system of executive power in territory of the Mordovian Soviet Socialist Republic . Yeltsin has charged to the Mordovian president Vasily Gusljannikovu to fulfil the duties in spite of the fact that VS Mordovias has decided to abolish a post of the president of republic. In Mordovia it is told about a situation on p. 9.

Burzha of real estate has obtained the large credit under operations with real estate
Moscow central burzha real estate, having used a situation that rouble apartments in Moscow are in great demand, has developed the new scheme which allows to sell currency apartments for roubles. Under this scheme burzha has obtained the bank credit in 200 million rbl. the Comment - on p. 4.

the claim Largest in the Russian practice on a neopayment of bills is shown association Rospotrebrezerv
Yesterday the Moscow legal firm MaTIK - juris has directed to the Russian insurance association Rospotrebrezerv the claim for the sum of 398 890 thousand rbl. In protection of the client - the Krasnodar firm agropromekonomika . It is the sum of the claim connected with a neopayment of bills largest in the Russian legal practice. It any more the first case, when Rospotrebrezerv does not carry out the insurance obligations. Business details - on p. 14.

the unique system of satellite communication
from Sudan to Moscow is created Yesterday the vice-president of association " has come back; Smolsat Musa Manarov who has carried on negotiations with the government of Sudan for use by this country of the Russian system of satellite e-mail the Messenger - 1 . The system will become operational in the beginning of the next year and becomes first-ever nizkoorbitalnoj and not state system of satellite communication first in Russia. The story about system - on p. 4

Ortcard International will let out the international credit cards in Russia
Consortium Ortcard International declared plans of advancement for the Russian market of credit cards Ortcard and the beginning of an advertising campaign with a view of. The consortium has offered the original scheme of delivery of cards and crediting of the clients, providing considerable discounts at purchase of the goods. Details of the scheme and the situation analysis see the market of similar means of payment formed in Russia in the Review of the market of credit cards on p. 5.

- the premiere of performance under Ostrovsky`s play
at Small theatre with success has passed Yesterday the prime minister of performance In small theatre there was no not a stiver, yes suddenly a three-copecks piece put by Edward Martsevaichem under A.N.Ostrovsky`s play. Performance is sustained in a characteristic aesthetics for Small theatre akdemizma and traditsionalizma. The review of performance - on p. 11.

the publishing house exhibition " Has opened; Crops
Yesterday in Marina Tsvetaeva`s House museum the unique exhibition of books and the periodical press, let out for 47 years of existence of publishing house " has opened; Crops . The reporting from an exhibition it is placed on p. 11.