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Yeltsin, Hasbulatov, Tchernomyrdin

Boris Yeltsin

10. 00 Confidentially talked from premieres - the minister of the government Victor Tchernomyrdin. The conversation maintenance is not disclosed. Upon termination of conversation has signed the order about creation of the new governmental commission on maintenance of carrying out of a referendum on April, 25th. The head of the commission the prime minister - minister Victor Tchernomyrdin
12 has appointed. 00 - 13. 30 Worked with projects of decrees. Has signed the decree about maintenance of unity of executive power of Russia in territory of the Mordovian Soviet Socialist Republic. According to the decree, the decision of the Mordovian parliament on abolition of a post of the president in republic stops to the decision of the Constitutional court of Russia (about a situation in Mordovia - p. 9 see)
14. 00 has held a meeting with group of leading Russian lawyers on which has discussed a condition of the constitutional legality to Russia and legal aspects of a referendum
16. 00 - 19. 00 Has spent some working meetings, including with Vladimir Shumejko and the head of Presidential Administration Sergey Filatovym. Under the informal information, at meetings preparation for carrying out of a referendum and parallel presidential poll

by Ruslan Hasbulatov
11 was discussed on April, 25th. 00 Has met the assistants and has co-ordinated with them report substantive provisions with which intend to act at meeting of deputies of councils of all levels today in the Parliamentary centre
13. 00 Has given interview to the Polish television and radio in which has told about a political situation in the country and the relation to a forthcoming referendum on April, 25th
16. 00 - 16. 30 Talked by phone to the president of Ingushetia Ruslanom Aushev who criticised acting administration of Russia in an operative range of state of emergency
17. 00 - 19. 00 Worked over the report text, bringing in it remarks of the assistants; Got acquainted with the documents prepared by secretary VS to meeting on which Victor Tchernomyrdin
9 is supposed to discuss preparation for a referendum on April, 25th and ways of an exit from an economic crisis

. 00 has held working meeting with chiefs of departments of governmental body
10. 00 Has gone to the Kremlin on a meeting with the president. Observers connect this conversation with appointment of the prime minister as the head of the commission on preparation for a referendum
12. 30 - 13. 30 has carried on negotiations with the governmental delegation of Kyrgyzstan led by the prime minister - the minister of Kyrgyzstan Tursunbekom Chengyshevym. Has discussed also some question with the Minister of Economics and the finance of Kyrgyzstan Amangeldy Muralievym. However the maintenance of negotiations is not disclosed