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the Kremlin plot in the House of cinematographers

this week the spring has come to Moscow at last - that. Capital streets zapestreli colours and bright spring clothes of women of fashion and dandies. As high life of the first week of April was motley also. Except traditional heroes of society column - actors, artists, photomodels - the General public prosecutor of Russia Valentine Stepankov, and also the founder of the International scientific fund George Soros became its participants this week.

last week Moscow with business visit was visited by billionaire George Soros. Last Friday it was present on the presentation of the International scientific fund which has taken place in the congress - a hotel hall Slavic . The six-ten years` billionaire looked very elegantly in strict darkly - a grey suit with the big brilliant buttons and a blue shirt. The extravagant note was brought by the wide colour tie fastened in the big knot. G - n Soros in general prefers modest business suits that is distinctive feature of all very rich businessmen.
on April, 2nd on presentation of the Russian edition of the international magazine of entertainments PENTHOUSE which passed in World trade centre, the capital beau monde has gathered. In conversation with the correspondent the Minister of Press and information of Moscow Guram Gorduladze has informed that at it four sons, and that if someone from them has wanted to take as wife model PENTHOUSE, he did not begin to object. Yury Antonov on a question you are always surrounded by women how you get acquainted with them? has answered foggy: I have true, tested receptions, but to disclose I them I will not begin - at once there will be competitors . Vladimir Presnyakov - younger has appeared at evening with Christina Orbakajte dressed in is black - white. To the correspondent the singer admitted that leading erotic editions watches from four-year age and till now in them was not disappointed. In TSMT Presnyakov and Orbakajte not only had a rest, but also to delight of public have executed some songs. In black clothes and in a black hat a la Eddi Merfi, but with quite individual cockarde was allocated with Bogdan Titomir. Registration of a smart interior of a hall was promoted also by that circumstance that the place behind little tables was not all invited, and they formed tableau vivant at a wall opposite to a scene.
last week Alla Pugacheva has given the preliminary consent to participation in jury of the Moscow international musical festival Generation - 93 . The festival is prepared by company Art Pictures Group into which Anton Tabakov, Feodor Bondarchuk, Stepan Mikhalkov and other not little-known young creative persons enter. Presnyakov will take part in festival - younger also. By the way, it is the originator solitary life Feodor Bondarchuk - Feodor, Svetlana Rutsky`s wife, acts in film together with Presnyakov for the new board. In protest Bondarchuk - younger has left manufacture of clips and commercials and was locked on a summer residence where works over the new cinema project.
on April, 7th the Central house of cinematographers - one of the traditional centres of capital high life - received enough unusual and rare visitor. The General public prosecutor of Russia Valentine Stepankov became them this evening. G - n Stepankov admitted to the correspondent that, as well as everything, looks stolen in the West video films. In foyer of the House of cinematographers the huge turn behind Valentine Stepankova`s book " was built; the Kremlin plot . Books has sufficed not all. In the second part of evening gathered have dispersed on interests - the majority looked italo - the French film Dzhango And for few invited (the person 70) has been arranged a buffet table. The first toast on it - For Valentine Georgievicha - Victor Merezhko who has declared that " has said; evening has passed extremely adequately . Among visitors there was lawyer Henry Reznik, the general director ITAR - TASS Vitaly Ignatenko, the editor-in-chief Weeks Igor Serkov, the editor-in-chief the Spark the Lion Guschin, and also politicians Sergey Stankevich and Oleg Rumjantsev.