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Theatrum mundi

the Present spring comes, as it is known, after Easter holiday (in not orthodox faiths this holiday this year is necessary for April, 11th), and Europe exhausted for the Lent with numerous and rather sharp conflicts, to approach easter uik - enda as - that it was pacified.
in Italy, for example, in enough solemn atmosphere Christian democrats and the former communists, and nowadays the left democrats to whom together it is necessary, obviously to generate the new government, have agreed to stop attacks against each other and to rely on will of the people. On April, 18th in Italy the referendum on which as it is supposed, will receive acknowledgement the conceived should take place is almost universal the previous government suspected of corruption reform of political system in the country.
Frenchmen, seemingly, on the eve of Easter have easily enough forgiven to the elects certain deviation from pre-election pledges (see The yesterday`s review), and with impatience the prime minister - the minister before parliament expected evening performance new. It is supposed that Eduar Balladur will tell about measures on overcoming of unemployment and economy stimulation, and also will call for association broken up of - for political predilections of the nation for the sake of more prospering France.
the English conservatives celebrating anniversary of the victory on elections (rather unexpected), yesterday even as - that have forgotten about the disagreements and have indulged in discussion of pleasant signs of recover still recently seeming hopelessly sick English economy. However, according to DAILY MAIL, it was expected also by British, voting for tori one year ago.
and certain Finnish mass media already even have prepared an easter gift to east neighbours. According to the Helsinki newspaper ILTALEHTI (not the most respectable in Finland), the most probable candidate for presidents on elections in the end of this year the former prime minister - the minister of the country Kalevi Sorsa has declared that would like to return under jurisdiction of Finland nowadays belonging Russia (as to the assignee of Soviet Union) under the Parisian peace treaty of 1947 three islands in gulf of Finland of Baltic sea - Suusaari, Lavansaari and Titarsaari. According to Sorsa, these islands more have no neither strategic, nor economic value, however are the unpleasant heritage of cold war dividing two independent states - Estonia and Finland. The former prime minister - the minister, truth, has excluded island Seisaari which, as he said, lies too close to the Russian coast from the requirements and can be used in any quality for needs of the Petersburg seaport.
Most likely, to the probable future Finnish president do not give rest of monastery of the Japanese management insisting on returning of a known ridge of islands exactly on the opposite end of Russia; however the difference, and essential, consists that with Japan at the USSR the peace treaty till now is not signed, and the sovereignty of Russia over Southern Kuriles, thus, admits not all the world - unlike the mentioned islands in gulf of Finland which have departed to the USSR on one of articles of the big international contract and, thus, their territorial accessory cannot be called in question.
Europe is occupied by preparations for Easter, and is visible therefore in foreign mass media there were at once some publications devoted to an economic and political situation on other continents.
agency REUTER, in particular, has placed the reporting of analytical character from Australia in which the following conclusion contains: Most likely, the economic crisis is passed in this country, and the begun reorganisation of a microstructure of economy already bears the notable fruits. It means all, in - the first that Australians have made a correct choice, having entrusted Polu Kitingu a post of premieres - the minister and for the following term; and in - the second that next to Australia to economic tigers it is necessary to be afraid of a competition as Australians have obviously replaced a way to kill time - from beaches on which from - for worsening ecological situations became too hot, they have moved in offices and offices where as assumes REUTER, will be rather hot already very much soon.