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Russian - the French theatrical forum

Theatre and the authorities are on one party of a stage

Yesterday in the Central House of the actor the seminar " has opened; Russian - French
theatrical meetings in Moscow . Visible heads have taken part In a seminar
both state, and private theatrical structures of both countries. As
experts mark, the seminar is devoted modern theatrical practice of two
the countries and in particular actual on - former to a problem of mutual relations of theatre and
to the power. Known directors, heads will take part in forum work
theatres - Boris Lvov - Anokhin, Anatoly Vasilev, Roman Viktuk, the Lion Dodin,
Michael Ulyanov, etc.

the Ministry of culture of Russia, the Union of theatrical figures, the House of the Actor,
the Creative centre of Mejerholda and the International institute of theatre became Organizers of a representative meeting the French cultural centre in

to Moscow.
the direct initiator of a meeting is the director French
the cultural centre in Moscow g - n Claude Kruaj (Claude Crouail). He considers that
the difficult situation in which there was now a Russian theatre,
is caused by incorrectly selected strategy of financing. Russian
theatrical figures last years recognised that clearing from
state financing will bring it creative freedom. However, as well as
followed expect, necessity of constant search of sponsors and patrons of art
has turned back for the Russian theatre dependence not less burdensome and
humiliating, than that in which it was in relation to the state. On
to opinion g - on Kruaj, experience of the financing of establishments accepted in France
culture and, in particular, theatres, testifies that state
dotirovanie completely not necessarily should hold down creative freedom
the artist.
theatre director Amande who has acted at a meeting - Nanter (Amandiers - Nanterre)
Serzh Sobzhinski (Serge Sobczynski) also has noticed that the problem of mutual relations
between theatre and the power often appears decided. 90 % French
culture establishments exist at the expense of the state. Thus French
the theatre is known as theatre of vanguard stylistic search - any
ideological pressure, upon theatrical figures nobody renders. On
to opinion g - on Sobzhinski, it would be useful to think over such tours French
theatres on the Russian scene which would show it. He also
has noticed that would be extremely important that as much as possible young
the Russian theatrical figures have visited France on a subject perenimanija
the meeting only has begun, its participants could mention only a small part
problems. It will last till March, 2nd. About discussion results will tell 2 and 3