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Theatrum mundi

the Long, twisting street passing through all huge city of New York - the Broadway - already serves for a long time as a symbol of theatrical success. Here there were performances which then got a world fame, plots and which scenic embodiment served as the sample for imitation that who aspired to achieve commercial success on a theatrical field.
moreover, the most popular Broadway musicals and other performances often formed a basis at creation of the Hollywood films, and in them found the second life and the second glory. Certainly, that Hollywood used Broadway achievements, there was nothing surprising - the plots checked up from the commercial point of view and director`s courses guaranteed to the Hollywood producers financial success of films.
however absolutely opposite tendency recently began to be observed: already Hollywood the financial achievements has forced to follow itself of Broadway producers and directors. In this season very many Broadway theatres have decided not to tempt destiny and to use ready recipes.
the first loan Hollywood in a present Broadway season had a statement Mary Poppins at all the first on the Broadway. The next Mary`s founders, without philosophising have crafty, simply shifted a screen version of the well-known story of Englishwoman Pamely Trevers known to everyone American schoolboy on a theatrical harmony.
further the quantity of the plots checked up by a cinema began to increase promptly so the spring Broadway program as mark theatrical observers, rather reminds the information catalogue of a bench Hire of videocassettes with records of classical films .
At the corner of the Fifth avenue of spectators the performance poster " meets; My favourite year the 1982 put on the with the same name film in which the well-known actor Peter About ` Tul has acted in film.
Next Marquis Theatre shows representation Good-bye, the girl! - the comedy of Nejla Sajmona which have received in 1977 Oscar altered for theatre.
On a Broadway there is even such unexpected statement, as fate - an opera Tommi which author is well-known the fate - group The Who. History with Tommi it is interesting to that in the first embodiment it too was some kind of performance, not it however has become famous, and the film of director Ken Russell shot on it in which such celebrities as Elton John, Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson, Ann Margret and, of course, group The Who have been occupied. Anybody from former executors, certainly, does not participate in new performance, however it is obvious, as it is enough one name to involve the spectators captured by nostalgia at first 70 - h years and to movement of hippie.
the well-known screen version of the novel " has received the Broadway double; Kiss of the woman - a spider director Nestora Babenko. The performance exit " prepares also; Sajonara (the tape of 1957 with the same name about love of the pilot which played Marlon Brando, and Japanese dancer used known popularity).
Among preparing premieres - a theatrical variant of a musical Parkway of the coming sun Andrew Lloyd Vebera in whom the new Broadway star of Patti Ljupone (in a film many years ago will be occupied were played by incomparable Norma Desmond). And from London on tour the theatrical version of the Hollywood film under Stephen King`s novel " will be brought; Mizeri awarded when - that awards Oscar for Best Actress (Katie Bejts).
To the Broadway come back not only plots of popular films, but also the well-known actors. Manhattan Theater Club recently declared that on its scene again there will be Julia Roberts, the Hollywood star beginning the career at this theatre. It will take part in the prime minister of performance Putting together . Though tickets for this statement are very expensive (their price reaches $750), all of them are already sold.
other actor who has appeared on the Broadway - Arnold Schwarzenegger. The huge plastic stuffed animal of the actor - the body builder has partitioned off street - there are film shootings Last operating hero . Theatrical critics have regarded occurrence of this figure as a symbol of intervention of Hollywood on the Broadway.