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the Dollar has low fallen, but rouble here at anything

in general, all is not too bad as to you can seem. Despite spring disorders with weather and a policy, the prices grow slowly, as though by inertia. Therefore “ elite “ the basket of consumption became more expensive on 1 % and makes now 379 thousand roubles on the person.
so with us in this sense everything is all right that you will not tell about dollar. In our currency market it while, of course, grows (probably, too by inertia), and here on world the dollar has fallen so low concerning mark, pound and yen, more than ever did not fall from the beginning of year. This event for us besides can leave sideways: the prices for not American goods, for certain, will increase in dollar Russian shops. Probably also that in the near future it becomes one of factors of a rise in prices for the European and Japanese cars.

Perhaps, beef (though the Lent yet has not ended) was the unique goods which have sharply risen in price this week. And the rise in price it has occurred not at a price maximum level, and on the minimum. So accept our council: do not travel about across Moscow in search of cheaper meat, its price almost in all markets - at level Central (2,5 thousand rbl. for kg). The unique exception makes meanwhile the Rogozhsky market: 2 thousand roubles for kg.
as to neprodovolstvennyh here the washing machine " has appeared the leader; Vyatka - 16 “ - from 100 thousand it has risen in price to 147 thousand roubles. We will remind by the way, that we advised for a long time to make this purchase for roubles. As you can see, knowingly.
if we have started talking, how it is useful to follow our councils why not to continue this theme as plots are thrown by life. We were not in time in the past shopping`ε to pay your attention to baths of the Italian manufacture, as in shop “ Zenith “ in Sokolnikah there were German sets for a bathroom on $25 - 35. There enter: a shelf for washrooms of accessories, a hanger for towels, hooks for dressing gowns, soap trays, accordingly, for soap, glasses for mouth rinsing. The missing mirror can be bought behind the next counter at the same price. Most likely, for today it is the most effective by criterion “ φενΰ+κΰχερςβξ “ purchase of the equipment for a bathroom.
in the same shop “ Zenith “ the Swiss knifes Victorinox popular all over the world on $4 - 11 (depending on quantity of edges) are on sale. In “ a passage “ knifes of the same firm stand $9 - $13.
But all is purchases, so to say, out-of-season character, and we should not forget that in our widths happens also summer. Though weather does not give for this purpose any grounds, nevertheless under our data demand for fans and conditioners has a little quickened. In this connection we could not pass by that fact that in a stall at TSUMa there is a huge black fan of Mitsubishi - 217 thousand rbl. ($285). The fan has some programs, and depending on that you want, it can twirl by a head or nod, and with different speed. Anyway on the unprepared visitor it can make so deep impression, as well as bought in shop of cheerful horrors upon Herzen`s street for $15 crashing flying phantom.
if we so speak about the prices, favourable purchases and in general about money much, it would be quite good to think of where this money to store. Speech, of course, goes not about office safes and bank depozitarijah, and about “ diplomats “ folders and the wallets necessary for each businessman and “ on life “ And for maintenance of personal prestige. In currency trade are widely enough presented “ diplomats “ from a skin. The prices fluctuate from $85 to $185. However, if you are not adjusted on purchase “ the diplomat “ the first-rate quality, there is a sense to address to rouble offers. In particular, in stalls at TSUMa this week were on sale leather “ diplomats “ Corona (Japan) on 75 thousand roubles or $98,7 in recalculation. The similar small suitcase on quality Delsey (France) in Galeries Lafayette (GUM) costs $124,50.
Some, especially what work is connected with frequent travelling, prefer “ diplomats “ from plastic (they keep " longer; a trade dress “) . In this case purchase can be made only for roubles. Cheapest of offered today in area TsUma - the Passage plastic “ diplomats “ normal quality - Tiantian (France) - 60 thousand rbl. or $79. - President - 105 thousand ($138,15) that basically it is impossible to consider the Most expensive by effective for purchase. It is interesting that sometimes “ the plastic diplomat “ sell in a set with a vial (6000 roubles) the autocosmetics intended for giving of shine and protection of plastic details of the car. Probably, in this marketing reception there is a reason. However, offers of shoe polish and brushes complete with the diplomat from a skin it has not been fixed.
now about purses and a purse. For those who in the conditions of inflation has got used to change often purses, there is a sense to address to services of rouble trade. Quite good leather purses, the truth, unknown firms, it is quite possible to buy today for 5 thousand roubles ($6,6). However, in rouble trade there are also class offers “ currency “ - really good purses from the Italian and French skin at the price there are more 37 thousand rbl. (less than $49). At the same time, for example, purse Etienne Aigner (France) costs in the Petrovsky Passage of $64. As to a purse all offers (both currency, and rouble) lie within $105 - 120, here again cannot achieve any notable economy.