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At Luzhkov`s foes the imagination " was exhausted;

Vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev is not afraid of the Kremlin
  At Luzhkov`s foes the imagination " was exhausted;
Vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev is not afraid of the Kremlin

the Whole year fierce war between the Kremlin and the Moscow authorities lasted. However during recent visit to Italy Vladimir Putin was is underlined is kind in relation to capital mayor Yury Luzhkov and even has given it a three-hour audience on the way back. Whether it means, what between the parties full mutual understanding was adjusted? In interview to correspondent VLADIMIR - to Nikolaev on a situation makes comments vitse - the mayor of Moscow VALERY SHANTSEV.

- As now there are relations between the federal and Moscow authorities?
- At us quite normal working mutual relations. Even before the election Vladimir Putin got acquainted with the Moscow experience, our achievements and even has asked to send it materials about a control system of a city. When there was a decree about formation of federal districts, we have understood that our concept has been accepted. Prime steps of the president are made in a correct direction, they allow to create the scheme at which all decrees are lead up to the lowest links. During Yeltsin`s board of decrees and laws was much, and in life practically occurred nothing: the weight of decrees was unknown to their direct executors.
- and you has not guarded what with plenipotentiaries in federal districts of a steel basically natives of power structures? And in the Central district, in particular, the former employee of KGB and tax police George Poltavchenko?
- Rabota Poltavchenko in St.-Petersburg, especially in tax police, says that it well understands economic problems. The person cannot be the expert in all areas - it should be able to listen, analyze, select the device. Now it is necessary to distribute correctly powers not to transform representatives of the president into supervisors whom all supervise, all pull, but do nothing.
- whether there are no fears, what Poltavchenko will apply methods of departments in which it served earlier?
- such threat I do not see. The Moscow management has a work, the program which we carry out. Results of work are visible, Muscovites support us. That and whom to be afraid?
- what relation of authorities of the capital to a new order of formation of Council of federation?
- if the status of Council of federation will be lowered, not only Moscow, but also all regions will lose there the positions. Now heads of regions take part in state policy formation. Each head of the subject realises the responsibility before voters. If places of governors will be occupied with their representatives, the chamber level of responsibility will decrease. Federation council will turn to the second State Duma, only less authoritative. As to discharge of governors to do it it is possible only in case of rough infringement of laws and after a judgement. Only so.
- After December elections of the mayor you began to supervise the economic block. Said that you can become the prime minister of the capital government, and Luzhkov remains simply the mayor.
- while Muscovites want to see Yury Luzhkov the city head, he and only it will head the government. Here all business in style. Luzhkov - the real head, it is able to work itself and to force to work others. After all management schemes can be different. At Gabriel Popove there was other scheme, it was someone like the English queen, and other people were managers. Luzhkov itself is responsible for capital life, and all control levers should be at it.
As to the economic block I have headed it with the great pleasure. There is nothing strange that the mayor has charged to supervise this key block to the assistant. Yes, I after all have come to a command, only in 1994. And when in two years I became vitse - the mayor, very many, as though to tell more softly, have been surprised. Those who concerns the power as to the privilege most of all were perplexed.
- in the near future Moscow can lose TV channel TVTS. What situation at the moment?
- silly to deprive city authorities with the eight-million population of an electronic news media. It to us is necessary not to carry out any the to the policy, - by means of TV channel we contact to people. If the capital is filled by hearings which nobody explains, at people there can go a roof. The decision to select at us the channel absurdly. To us have made two preventions, but courts have already proved their inconsistency: infringements was not. Under all laws we have the priority right to prolongation of the licence to an announcement. Means, on competition it is impossible to expose it. There is a question: it is interesting to whom to deprive of us the licence? Why there is such struggle taking away from us the Moscow channel and to give to its private structure which will do something, not connected with a city policy? It is especially not clear because we as early as can broadcast four years on regions.
- who, on - to yours, wants to select at Moscow TVTS?
- it seems To me that there is a certain installation: to beat out those who is not entered in certain schemes, speaks not that someone wants to hear. Lesinu it would be desirable, that flattered it, the government, the president. It is thus not so obligatory that it would be desirable it Vladimir Putin. The Minister of Press obstinately pushes idea to select at Moscow TVTS. But after all it is obvious that in the house the servant without the consent of the owner cannot independently make decisions. Who the owner? I do not know. Whether it someone in Presidential Administration, whether still someone...
- what your chances in this struggle?
- competition is appointed to June, 16th, the same day judicial session about its competency should take place. If the court decides that competition is illegal - and all bases for this purpose are available, - then to us automatically should prolong the licence.
- one of applicants on TVTS is the TV channel Moskovia which is supervised by governor Boris Gromovym situated near Moscow, won elections thanks to Luzhkov`s support. It turns out, and he from you has turned away?
is not so. Between the first and the second rounds of elections in Moscow suburbs governor of the region Anatoly Tyazhlov has transferred stock Moskovia to private structure behind which costs not Thunders, and other people. Tyazhlov has made it when has understood that has lost. The administration of Moscow Region now is going to bring an action and challenge a transfer of stock. Therefore to say that area and the more so Thunders apply on TVTS, it is impossible.
- After December elections Yury Luzhkov as - that has faded into the background. Than it speaks?
- simply to continue persecution of the Moscow mayor now like to what. What for to spend a film, a broadcasting time, money? And the imagination of those who poisoned Luzhkov on the eve of elections, was strongly exhausted. Were tired. Dirty pre-election technologies exhaust all - and their executors too.