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In Moscow there were water-melons, and in Moscow suburbs — lisichki and russulas. On secular
  next week
In Moscow there were water-melons, and in Moscow suburbs - lisichki and russulas. On secular parties submit zhjuleny from lisichek and water-melons with champagne. Next week it is a lot of parties, and, as usual, estimates their good breeding in stars.

on July, 11th. The congress - a hall of the Russian academy of public service. Business - a lunch in honour of conference opening Binternet - 2000 . All elite of the Russian Internet - Rambler Yandex Port. ru, rating agency Expert RA NetBrige and their partners in business. Good breeding - ***.
on July, 11th. A casino Golitsyn . The championship of Moscow first for 75 years on to drunk draughts among capital beau monde. Instead of draughts - wine-glasses with vodka and cognac. Play at giveaway by rules of usual draughts: having eaten a draught, the player is obliged to drink her. TV presenters Victor Merezhko, Ivan Kononov, triple Olympic champion Alexander Ragulin, composers George Movsesjan and Vladimir Presnyakov - the senior, the person - a phenomenon Yury Gornyj, poet Vladimir Vishnevsky and others will dare to risk. An estimation - *** with plus.
on July, 11th. Club Arcady . SHabash witches for secular young ladies. In the program - a magnificent supper and guessings with sorcery. Known capital ladies, including Maria Arbatov, Irina Khakamada and Alain Apinu, and also spouses of known husbands are invited. Men will pass a rigid face - control. Level - ****.
on July, 13th. The centre of Thai cookery the Emerald Buddha . Anniversary of existence of the centre. Tea drinking on - tajski will collect diplomats of Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanma, Malaysia, and also the Russian secular fans of tea of Alexander Belyavsky, Natalia Gvozdikovu, Maria Arbatov, Sergey Bezrukov, Nikasa Safronov, Egor Konchalovsky, Irina Ponarovsky, Svjatoslava Belzu and others. On a good breeding scale - *** with plus.
on July, 11th. The central house of journalists. A reception and a buffet table in honour of creation of the international charitable association of veterans of journalism the Blessing . Vladimir Putin, Michael Kasyanov, Valentine Matvienko, Yury Luzhkov, and also financiers, politicians, journalists, public figures and the stars of cinema which are a part of initiative group, created by a society " are invited; ART JuniKom . An estimation - **** and 1/ 2.
on July, 13th. The president - hotel. A lunch and a round table and in the evening at restaurant Russian large village - The solemn supper, devoted 125 - letiju Badaevsky brewery. Heads of the leading Russian brewing enterprises are invited, is wine - vodka distilleries and representatives of capital business elite. Good breeding - ***.