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Sydney under the threat

Sergey Ivanov`s Disqualification before race Round de France has put under threats
  Sydney under the threat
Sergey Ivanov`s Disqualification before race Round de France has threatened preparation of the best Russian bicyclist - shossejnika to the Olympic Games in Sydney. From command Farm Frites in spite of the fact that on it have informed all news agencies, Ivanov still nobody has expelled, but its preparation for the Olympic Games - under the threat of failure.

The day before Round de France Ivanov as already wrote, has not passed an obligatory dope - control: Analyses have shown the raised maintenance in blood of the sportsman so-called gematokrita - blood little bodies that usually testifies to the use dopingovogo a preparation eritropoetin. The racer has declared at once that considers results of the first analysis erroneous and under the personal initiative will make two more to prove the innocence. One of them has already taken place also any prevysheny has not found out. Nevertheless the decision about fortnight (de - fakto - before end Round de France ) To Ivanov`s disqualification remains in force.
there were simultaneously messages that a management of Dutch command Farm Frites Ivanov who was the leader of group, is excluded from its structure. But, as Ivanov in interview to the correspondent has told yesterday, it is false information: Anybody while from a command did not expel me. Journalists have simply literally transferred words of one of managers of group of Jacque Hannomgafa which has really declared that to Russian supposedly at us not a place. It the new person in a command, has come together with the company - sponsor Farm Frites. And it did not have at once a relation with the majority of racers, probably, it was not pleasant to it and I. Meanwhile the president of the International union of bicyclists of Hejn Ferbrjuggen, on the contrary, underlines that would not like, that incident with my participation has outgrown in the big scandal .
the Russian bicyclist hopes to prove the cleanliness in the near future. On Monday in Holland it will receive results of the third analysis based on more perfect technology, rather than two previous. If dope reception took place, this test will allow to find out traces eritropoetina in an organism, that is will give direct proofs of the use of a stimulator. After all increase of quantity of blood little bodies can and be eliminated, having resulted in norm in some hours of surplus loads.
however if analyses also will confirm that Ivanov disqualified nezasluzhenno (as a last resort if will not believe also to the Dutch physicians, he intends to address in court), it will not solve its main problem. The matter is that preparation of the Russian for the September Olympic Games can appear broken. In - the first, all - taki exists possibility of its exception of a command. And in - the second even if it will not occur, according to some information, the sponsors dissatisfied with constant states of emergency in the Dutch group (two years ago it has appeared in the centre of the largest dopingovogo scandal on Round de France ) All the same want to refuse it. And one by one bicyclists on large races do not suppose, so Ivanov on the eve of departure to Australia can remain without competitive practice. it is good to be prepared for the Olympic Games then it will be simply impossible - he speaks.
Ivanov has a number of offers from solid commands, but from any of them he can sign the contract not earlier than November. In its opinion, a unique exit from a current situation - to try to be attached to any group needing the strong racer . It, of course, will not be from the category elite, in all of them vacancies are occupied, but, at least, will give that practice without which on the Olympic Games it is impossible to go.