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Leonid Drachevsky: I have accepted a call

Vladimir Putin, appointing the representatives in federal districts, have made hundred
  Leonid Drachevsky: I have accepted a call
Vladimir Putin, appointing the representatives in federal districts, has counted on generals of special services. But in two districts - Volga region and Siberian - there were especially civil people. Sergey Kirienko - the person in the politician known. Unlike Leonid DRACHEVSKY, the representative of the president in the Siberian district. PETER - netreba has interviewed an observer it in Novosibirsk.

- When you have got acquainted with Vladimir Putin?
- I have got acquainted With Putin, when was the minister of affairs of the CIS in its government. Why me have appointed to a present post - I do not know, but when the post has been offered me, I have regarded the offer as a call and have accepted it.
- you does not confuse, what you with Sergey Kirienko unique civil people among representatives of the president in federal districts?
- I do not feel any inconveniences. We meet often enough as now there is a period of organizational formation of districts. We consult with each other and sometimes on Vladimir Putin.
- what to you mutual relations see already existing structures of the regional power? Whether you, so to say, are afraid of friction in places of crossing of your functions?
- I want to remind that our functions are accurately registered in the decree of the president. We should bring into accord the regional and federal legislation. And also to trace performance of federal programs. However abundantly clear that to us not to leave anywhere from socially - economic problems in districts. In this sense I am not going to incur function of the regional authorities. Here work will suffice on all. I plan to deal with those problems which leave on inter-regional district level.
- that you already had time to make?
- while a little. There is an organizational work. Have organised arrival of the minister of atomic engineering of Evgenie Adamova and agreement signing between Ministry of Atomic Energy and the Siberian branch of Academy of Sciences.
- it is valid, a little. And what further?
- it is a lot of problems. First of all is transport in Siberian region. Communications so oslabli that very often from one area of Siberia in another it is necessary to reach through Moscow. It, of course, a problem economic, but also and a problem of bad regional cooperation. Just I intend to be engaged in the near future in regional cooperation. I think to suggest governors to create district council and there with the invitation of heads of the federal government to consider regional questions.
- as you were met by governors?
- on - to the worker. Many knew and earlier when worked as the ambassador in Poland and in the Ministry of affairs of the CIS. Therefore personal contacts has established quickly enough.
- you have found common language with brothers Swans?
- at us working mutual relations.
- that itself your command represents?
- now there is only a device formation. And I am in enough difficult situation. Therefore, moving to Novosibirsk, partially in the command I invite those whom I know across Moscow. However zamov I plan to appoint one of the the person from Novosibirsk.