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Moslems search incorrect among the

Spiritual leaders of the Russian Moslems have entered the next stage of struggle for vlast
  Moslems search incorrect among the
Spiritual leaders of the Russian Moslems have entered the next stage of race for power in the Russian Islam which should come to the end with election of the Supreme mufti of Russia. Opponents, Council of muftis (with the centres in Moscow and Kazan), on the one hand, and Spiritual management of Moslems of Russia and the European CIS countries (with the centre in Ufa) - with another, accuse each other in potvorstvovanii to a vahhabism. About it already wrote on June, 4th, but the situation continues to develop.

In the Soviet majority of the Russian Moslems recognised administrative domination of Spiritual management of Moslems of the European part of the USSR and Siberia (DUMES, nowadays the DUMAS of Russia and the European CIS countries) with the centre in Ufa which almost was headed twenty years by the native of Tatarii Talgat Tadzhuddin.
In the middle of 90 - h it has been formed DUMAS Tatarii, declared full independence from DUMRSNG. To an example of Tatars Muslim communities of other regions of the country have quickly followed - and Talgat Tadzhuddin has turned suddenly from the leader of Moslems to one of many muftis.
Tadzhuddin to reconcile to it and has not wished and with the beginning of last Chechen campaign head DUMRSNG began to accuse opponents of a vahhabism and complicity to terrorism. Representatives of spiritual and secular authorities Tatarii long time for these charges reacted almost serenely. But eventually the opponents of Tadzhuddina united in Council of muftis of Russia led by the leader of the Moscow Moslems of Ravilem Gajnutdinom, have decided to answer adequately. In the beginning of week Council of muftis has published the statement in which named Talgata Tadzhuddina the dissenter and the initiator and the patron of introduction of extremism in the form of a vahhabism in territory of the Russian Federation (told about it).
the Slow conflict has passed in an active stage. Tadzhuddin has declared in interview to Interfax and Alexander Ljubimova`s program Here and now that in medrese, supervised its contenders, teach Islam vahhabitskogo sense, and the one who not the Wahhabite, appears the enemy No 1 who should be killed . The Vahhabitsky program, Tadzhuddin has declared, exists at Islamic schools of the Orenburg region and Tatarii, which graduates have become famous for participation in operations on the party of the Chechen insurgents . All these educational institutions were supervised and continue to be supervised by radical Islamites from - for a boundary - has declared Talgat Tadzhuddin.
In conversation with the correspondent a mufti of DUMAS RT Gusman Iskhakov has rejected these charges and has explained attacks of Tadzhuddina by usual envy: In due time the Muslim organisations of the Arabian East generously financed headed by Tadzhuddinom DUMES. Then, probably, without having received the exact report, on what their dollars have been spent, have preferred to help what reporting is more transparent. So, in Tatarii the Muslim organisations have allocated means for building of mosques in Buinske, Tjuljachah, Islamic bank of development has allocated money for a building for Islamic university. Talgatu - hazratu such to worry uneasy. Notice, he has started talking about intrigues of artful Arabs, only when they have ceased to finance it .
Iskhakov considers Antivahhabitsky campaign as an occasion to approach to Islam: There was among insurgents a guy from naberezhnochelninskogo medrese which therefrom have excluded, by the way. Noise to all Russia! And how many among them Ukrainians, Latvians, and Russian, it bashfully hold back .
And then the Tatar mufti named the true reason of the conflict: Has come it is time to strengthen a vertical of the power and among Muslim clergy. The Supreme mufti of Russia will be possibly, very soon selected. Talgat Tadzhuddin sleeps and sees itself in this role, here and tries to appear the unique saviour of Russia, and the colleagues its secret enemies .