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The car — luxury, means and the purpose

Yesterday in Moscow IV Moscow international automobile festival " has opened; E
  the Car - luxury, means and the purpose
Yesterday in Moscow IV Moscow international automobile festival " has opened; Exotic . In the field of Tushinsky airdrome there was all - from the American limousines in style of a retro to the unique autohybrids worked Russian umeltsami. Each car here is unique, as the master who created or has revived it.

At huge Cadillacs women and men equally clinked languages and sighed: dream! Thanks to assistance of the president Moscow Hot Rod Anton Chernova`s club of the correspondent prokatili on white Cadillac 1963 of release. According to Chernova when - that the car stood in Jacqueline Kennedy`s garage. All details - native. Also that is amazing - by this car the conditioner has been established still then, in 63 - m, as well as an adjustable wheel, and sitting with electroadjustment, and even the device of automatic inclusion of illumination during dark time! And all works till now. By the way, the car is on sale. In the USA such car costs about $10 thousand, in Moscow - $16 thousand
In Tushine interested persons can admire and on Stierlitz car - Mercedes 1937. Only the car not in classical black colour, and in a dark blue metallic is painted. Very beautifully. It would be pleasant to colonel Isaevu. Colour was chosen by the owner of the car, and the firm exposing the car, thus shows possibilities of the masters on painting. The representative of firm is convinced that it is necessary to show possibilities of the modern technologies applied in restoration of cars.
the Russian technics 1930 - 1970 - h is presented years widely. There is an armored car, every possible Muscovites and black emka with an inscription the Person on duty of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs . In a considerable quantity are presented Victories and organizers promise also show 21 - h Volg . The greatest attention is involved with limousines 50 - h years. First of all - some products of factory of a name of Molotova (Winters). Profits some of them on an exhibition in a new complete set, they are equipped by modern conditioners, and salons are finished by the Karelian birch.
three black Seagulls one of which - with a body a cabriolet, are capable to give representation about automobile a life of the Soviet heads 60 - 70 - h years. In 1977 the Seagull has been laid off, but interested persons can directly here and now get the car of this model for $40 thousand
Art modern Russian umeltsev is capable to amaze imagination. In Tushine stand an UAZ on almost one-and-a-half-metre wheels and yet up to the end collected double Volga . According to organizers, Russian lou - rajder - the car, capable to change body height in relation to road for the first time is presented. Such designs are widely used in the USA, as a rule, on jeeps. In Russia lou - rajder have made from Oka .
Well and at last, a festival star - a double hybrid the Muscovite and BMW in style of a retro. According to the experts, this car - the first candidate on gran - at the Most exotic car . In total on Sunday evening prizes on 15 nominations will be handed over winners of festival.