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For whom will be ill?

Boris Gromov, the governor of Moscow Region, the Hero of Soviet Union:
  For whom will be ill?
Boris Gromov, the governor of Moscow Region, the Hero of Soviet Union:

- I Will support beautiful football. Very much I regret that there will be no in the European championship neither ours, nor Ukrainians. The championship is a grandiose event. And this week we in area had a big football pleasure: situated near Moscow Saturn has beaten Moscow Spartak !

Vladimir Polevanov, the president of a consortium the Gold bridge :
- I will support the team Yugoslavia. In - the first, I consider it as the strongest national team of the world which from - for political reasons discredited recently. So, in - the second, I will support them from justice. In general, now football became more than football. It already - the big art, the politician and business together taken. Therefore I will not pass any match. I will look all football translations.

Zurab Sotkilava, the national actor of the USSR, the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre:
- I always was the admirer of the Italian national team. Also I will support this time it. I think, she can count on success. Especially if it will be healthy del Pero. Defence at them - one of the best in Europe. The desire to win and passions in game suffices also. Besides, I think, quite good chances at Spaniards. They on lifting after success in League of champions at Germans, Englishmen... In general, it will be the interesting tournament, all commands are very strong: Not without reason say that the World championship is the European championship plus Brazil and Argentina.

Vladimir Rashevsky, the vice-president of board of MDM - bank:
- I Will support Frenchmen, our times are not present. In general, I from those fans of football who prefer to play instead of to look. But the European championship - such competition which I will not pass. And France - that country, with which at Russia good relations. And the soul at me to it lies. Though, probably, it is necessary to Frenchmen hardly. Englishmen, Italians, Germans are traditionally strong.

Konstantin Zatulin, the chairman of the board of the Moscow fund of presidential programs:
- For football. The destiny to us has presented a noble role - to support football, instead of for the command from love to fatherland. We, maybe, will watch for the first time impartially matches and not to think thus of call of duty. Thanks to it now even the sizes of bookmaker rates have increased. And as I nevertheless want to earn to tell, on whom and how many I have put, I would not like. As two years ago I have managed to earn a little on these rates. Despite of everything, I then staked on Frenchmen, and they have won the World championship.

Victor Denikin, the chairman of the State Committee on the youth policy:
- For Yugoslavia, certainly! There Should be at slav brothers corporate interests. And in general - stydoba - that what! Russia - great power, and on the European championship nobody to send. Better for Gazprom to be ill. Even Turks as a rod... To put it briefly, how Englishmen, Germans and Frenchmen were strong, I believe that Yugoslavs to all of them will wipe a nose. Perhaps it at us already does not remain to pride, and at them it is!