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Prime minister Blair knows now how to be the father of the drunkard

the British prime minister - minister Tony Blair has hard times. In the last
  Prime minister Blair knows now how to be the father of the drunkard
the British prime minister - minister Tony Blair has hard times. Last weeks misfortunes fall down it one for another. After the unsuccessful performance at congress of the British female organisations in the end of May and the sharp criticism of its bill of toughening of disciplinary measures against drunk youth the British prime minister should justify now for behaviour of son Juena.

Juen has been picked up by the London policemen in the centre of capital in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The sixteen-year guy lying prone on sidewalk, has been found by police patrol to Leicester - square near to a cinema Odeon . Despite later time, in it popular in Londoners and tourists area of the central London it was populous enough, and many passers-by paid attention to the teenager in the clothes splashed with vomiting, lying in an unconsciousness. According to radio producer Dzhuli Makdonald, one of eyewitnesses of incident, the teenager then yet not identified, without movement lay prone while the arrived police and fast solved, to whom to take away it. The police was caused by another prohozhaja, critic Lindsi Meggs, taken pity on the fellow who, as she said, was not similar to the usual drunkard.
physicians fast Have come to a conclusion that the teenager does not need hospitalisation, and the police has taken away it in a site for definition of the person and a presentation of charge in public order infringement. A few having come to the senses in a bull-pen, Juen has started talking and has borrowed a name, has given the old address and has declared that to it of 18 years. What surprise of the divisional konsteblja when at examination of personal things of the arrested person he has found out the special pass on Dauning - strit, 10, written out addressed to Juena Blair was.
policemen of a site CHering - cross-country in which there was Juen, have immediately contacted protection of premieres - the minister who was anxious for a long time already concerning absence of the son, after all business was for a midnight. Then Juena operatively delivered to the father that, however, does not release the senior and younger Blair from repeated visit to a police station for a summer residence of the further indications and penalty payment according to that legislation, on which necessity so the prime minister literally a day before incident hotly spoke.
next day on which at Tony Blair some public statements have been planned, the British prime minister had to justify some times for the elder son, so unsuccessfully noted the successful delivery of school examinations. Addressing to congress of representatives of Association African and Caribbean evangelistskoj churches, Blair, considerably worrying, has departed from in advance prepared text and has told that to be the prime minister - the minister hardly, but the father to be even more difficult . Then, acting in a direct teleether Bi - Bi - Si Premieres, almost crying, has declared that very much regrets for offence of the son which deeply repents as that has abused alcohol, and that has lain polices at inquiry. it did it to save from scandal the family - a shivering voice Blair - the senior has told.
it is indicative that Blair`s critics - both in the ranks of the Labour party, and among opposition - have shown an enviable step, having decided not to use incident with Juenom with a view of political strike. Even the British press which usually is not sparing the mighty of this world, got to ambiguous situations, almost does not afford venomous attacks to the prime minister, the father of four children, to most younger of which only three months from a sort. The only thing that the British newspapers have afforded, it to assume that Juenu should sustain one of these days a hard explanation with the mother Cherri, when it with bebi Leo will return from rest to Portugal. Cherri Blair is reputed as strict mother, therefore the man`s half of family of Blairs should be answerable under the full program.