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Lebedev`s plan

I am ready to give to the government the list of financial institutions, from which
  Lebedev`s Plan
I am ready to give to the government the list of financial institutions from which it has been illegally deduced and hidden abroad more than $650 million - the chairman of National investment council, president NRB Alexander LEBEDEV in the article published yesterday on a site of a weekly journal " has declared; - the Power . At the same time he considers that in lump of the Russian capitals which have run away abroad the share of illegally received money does not exceed 10 %. The others of 90 % are earned legally, and Lebedev asserts that knows, how them to return.

After known scandals in a press all Russian capital being in the West is considered criminal. For this reason for money of the Russian origin it is very uncomfortable on foreign land. And many Russian businessmen would return the fair capitals home, be at them a guarantee from an arbitrariness of the power and encroachments of criminal structures. Granting of such guarantees along with other measures would promote returning to Russia of several hundreds millions dollars within the first half-year.
to involve Russian capitals staying nowadays abroad, it is necessary to lower the taxation rate voluntary repatriiruemyh net capitals to 5 - 10 % from the sum over $500 thousand Or $1 million, officially to welcome returning of this money by the corresponding governmental order or the decree of the president in which the circle of their appendix (perspective investment projects) will be outlined, and to put between owners of these capitals and the state commercial investment bank (not in suitcases people will carry money). Thus the state should be assured that the certain sum returned of - for a boundary of money will be directed by this bank to profile projects interesting the state.

completely Alexander Lebedev`s article in which he tells who and as forwarded money abroad, and also shares the reasons about mechanisms of their return to Russia, read on a magazine site - the Power (to the address: http:// vlast. kommersant. ru) in section e - the Power .