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Investors Roskredita investors of bank " have risen against ARKO

Yesterday; the Russian credit dissatisfied offered ARKO uslo
  Investors Roskredita have risen against ARKO
Yesterday investors of bank the Russian credit dissatisfied offered ARKO conditions of the agreement of lawsuit, have decided to unite and have created the public union. It means that consonants on world creditors still for a long time will not receive money.

In spite of the fact that into the created union while has entered only ten persons, it can spoil blood ARKO strongly enough. The matter is that members of the union intend to achieve in a judicial order an exit from the agreement of lawsuit and to demand for themselves special conditions of repayment of a debt. And according to the legislation while these courts will not end, the agreement of lawsuit of creditors is confirmed cannot be.
it is interesting that the investors who have entered into the union and were not going to conclude earlier the agreement of lawsuit on offered ARKO conditions. But have decided to unite, having read in one of last numbers of interview of deputy director ARKO of Valery Miroshnikov. We will remind that Miroshnikov has actually accused group of 120 large investors that they sabotage the statement arbitration court of the agreement of lawsuit and want to make bankrupt having an every prospect to survive bank.
as one of initiators of the formed union, " has declared; we not any sukiny children who illegally try to beat out money. Simply ARKO, despite a good financial condition of bank, wants to save specially about 30 % on the rate of exchange, penalties and fines, it is illegal including us in the agreement of lawsuit . As he said, under the current legislation of investors - physical persons in general cannot be included in the agreement of lawsuit.
on the basis of what judicial instances have counted to these investors penalties and fines, we do not know, - representative ARKO has declared. - And satisfactory position of the bank which is in a stage of re-structuring, is connected with work ARKO and shareholders of bank on return of actives . Also has noticed that if to give parts of investors special conditions of repayment of a debt, for all other creditors these conditions will sharply worsen. Moreover, in ARKO consider that the tightening of signing of the agreement can lead to bankruptcy of bank and as a result all will receive money 10 times less, than under the agreement of lawsuit .