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The next struggle against the authoritative power

Boris Berezovsky considers that yet late
  the Next struggle against the authoritative power
Boris Berezovsky considers that yet late

RIA Agency News yesterday has informed that the deputy of the State Duma Boris BEREZOVSKY intend to create political party together with a number of present councillors of federation . In interview to ILYA - BULAVINOVU the deputy has declared that plans not only to create party, but also to reform the present State Duma.

is truth, what you create party?
- creation of constructive opposition is necessary for Russia. Otherwise process of centralisation of the power will inevitably begin. As a matter of fact, it will mean creation in the country of the authoritative power. And it is absolutely unimportant, Putin the president or, for example, Javlinsky. The new party should it resist. Work will go in two directions. In - the first, this creation of capable and constructive party structure. Experience shows that today only governors in a condition to consolidate political elite, is is proved by block creation Fatherland - All Russia and movements Unity . Now for governors danger is maximum so they have every chance to create new party structure. In - the second, the State Duma in a today`s kind is not a legislative branch of the power. It became an executive power part because unconditionally confirms its decisions. But in the Duma there is a constructive potential which is now held down by party or fractional installations. Therefore would be logical to spend rearrangement of the Duma and to create there new powerful independent fraction.
- from whom you are going to create it?
- from the deputies entering in Unity the People`s Deputy Regions of Russia . Even those who names itself right.
- with whom from deputies you have already carried on negotiations?
- I would not want to name surnames now.
- and with whom from governors you already discussed a question of creation of new party?
- with Stroev, Rossel, Rutsky, Ayatskov and still a number of governors. All of them are anxious by a current situation.
- practical actions are already undertaken?
- we work by a principle: at first to think, then to do.
- and to you it not seems, what already late? Presidential bills of state power reform in this or that kind will be already soon accepted.
- I do not think that the compromise will be quickly reached. The decree about formation of federal districts and a package of bills of state power reform really weaken the power. And eventually inevitably there will be a necessity for the constitutional reform is a process difficult and long.
- it is a question of creation of political party which will participate in parliamentary elections, to propose the candidate for presidents?
- I do not exclude neither that, nor another.
- you plan to hold in it any posts?
- while is not present.