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The ABM failure

the Pentagon has drowned $100 million in Pacific ocean
  an ABM Failure
the Pentagon has drowned $100 million in Pacific ocean

past Friday (in Moscow there was a morning of Saturday) the Pentagon has made an attempt to make the first complex test of system of the national ABM. In $100 million test in cost has ended with a total failure.

After in January to the companion - to interceptor EKV which was put into orbit interception by PLV carrier rocket started from the mine launcher from range on an atoll Kvadzhelejn (Marshall Islands), it was not possible to bring down an educational warhead (the interceptor from - for failure in prompting system has missed), the Pentagon took a time - a miss. Throughout almost half a year experts of company Boeing (this it is the basic contractor on system of the national ABM), and also companies Raytheon (she develops EKV) have improved system of prompting of the companion - an interceptor on the purpose.
in June the Pentagon has made decision to conduct system test under the complicated program. According to plan, in 20 minutes after start-up with military - air base of Vandenberg of an intercontinental ballistic missile minitmen II which bore both an educational warhead, and a false target (its role the inflatable rubber sphere flying nearby from a warhead) should execute, from a Pacific atoll Kwajalein PLV carrier rocket with the companion - interceptor EKV has been started. The interceptor should identify a warhead against a false target and amaze it over Pacific ocean at height about 230 km. However it has not occurred.
at first on the rocket minitmen II Before branch of a warhead the system of a rating of a sphere has not worked and in an orbit the false target has not been developed. But it was only the beginning. The interceptor delivered to an orbit and has not started to work: the companion has not separated from the second step of the carrier and together with it has fallen in waters of Pacific ocean. As a result the warhead has not been destroyed and also has flopped in ocean.
refusal in system of division of second missile stage PLV and companion EKV became a failure principal cause. Now experts of company Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space (it is responsible for rocket PLV creation) analyze causes of defect.
in the Russian military department news about a failure of tests have met with undisguised sarcasm: a pier, we warned that leaves nothing. Nevertheless military men in Moscow do not consider that it can force to refuse Washington idea of creation of the national ABM (after July tests the White house should declare officially the beginning of its expansion). According to the high-ranking source in the Russian Joint Staff, this failure most likely only for a while will delay continuation of tests. To refuse creation of system the Pentagon any more in forces .