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The deadly weapon without a muzzle

is more dangerous than Bojtsovye of a dog Kalashnikov
  the Deadly weapon without a muzzle
Bojtsovye of a dog is more dangerous Kalashnikov

My favourite labradora without declaration of war as Hitler, has seized by a throat American staffordshir. If not small river nearby, a wide collar and the cudgel broken out in wood strong, but too kind labradora it would not be possible to rescue. In Moscow similar cases with such more or less happy outcome practically do not happen. The dogs planted with centuries only for murder and more for anything, rush on office, decorative and hunting dogs, on children, adults and on own owners.

it is a little Fighting dogs of the first category: a pit bull terrier, bandog, American staffordshirsky a terrier, staffordshirsky a bull terrier and tosa - inu. Such dogs as bandog, have been grown up specially for fights with gladiators on arena and are simply murder cars. Other mentioned pesiki are grown to kill other dogs during the dog fights which, by the way, are spent both in Moscow, and in Peter quite openly. From other countries where the dog fights are legalised, among the most civilised it is possible to name, perhaps, Iran.
in any police station of Moscow will easily remember, how called the squad to shoot down stafforda or a Rottweiler when it already dogryzal to the person a foot or a hand. Memoirs full, and are not present criminal cases. How bojtsovye dogs killed pets of quieter breeds, reports are not made even. Therefore - that owners of dangerous dogs drive them on city streets without muzzles, without leads, frequently trust vygulivanie to children. Thus the dog of a so-called first category turns from the charged gun hanging on a wall, to a grenade cup discharge on a platoon. Thus anybody never knows, where the grenade will depart. All of us under a sight. If you reject pressure of an aggressor, for example, if you appear are armed and cool enough, the owner himself will wear out you on courts.
the weapon has not appeared at the teacher from Hamburg when recently on his eyes a pit bull terrier and staffordshir have literally broken off the six-year boy in a school court yard. Except it, murder saw not only 29 - a summer Turk, the owner of dogs, but also all class. The police has, of course, shot animals, and the patience of a city has burst. The burgomaster of a city (by the way, red) has initiated an interdiction of fighting dogs in Germany and in Europe. The City Council has solved a problem cardinally: Has published the law, on which dogs of the first category (and them in Hamburg of 3 thousand) Are subject to immediate destruction. The second group of dogs - potential murderers is allocated also; he/she is a bullmastiff, the Argentina mastiff, bordossky a mastiff, a mastiff, mastino napoletano, Spanish mastin, kangal and the Caucasian sheep-dog. In Hamburg it is forbidden to plant such dogs, to trade in them, and to train, shirk them it is possible only in a muzzle and on a lead. For infringement by owners of rules of a dog are selected immediately. The tax to the maintenance of dogs of the second group with DM150 to DM1500 is raised also that is, by the way, the German minimum wage rate. All animals of the second group will be sterilised and castrated. Besides, they will be tested by veterinary surgeons and the dog psychologists on three positions: reaction to a carriage with the shouting baby, on the drunk passer-by and on other dog. If the behaviour of a dog does not keep within norm, it is subject to a lulling to slip.
in Bavaria the law regulating the maintenance bojtsovyh of dogs, operates since 1992; It, most likely, will be is taken for a basis obshchegermanskogo the law. If someone wants to get bojtsovuju a dog of the first category, it should obtain the permit of neighbours. Thus the owner should be tested on reliability and ability to address with dogs. Thus in Munich for eight years it has not been given officially out any permission to the maintenance bojtsovyh dogs.
and I see every day the young woman in the Moscow court yard, now it is the lovely silent madwoman: its white bull terrier has bitten through a skull to its newborn baby. Now it walks with the French bulldog. At a bulldog an asthma and a heart disease.

IGOR - MALTSEV, Moscow - Hamburg