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The mourning ending of successful year

Today at machine-building factory “ an Uralmash “ mourning. Celebrations on sl
  the Mourning ending of successful year
Today at machine-building factory “ an Uralmash “ mourning. Celebrations on the occasion of an anniversary of creation of the enterprise are cancelled. In Ekaterinburg there is a militian operation. All it is connected with murder of the general director of Open Society “ an Uralmash “ Oleg Belonenko.

This murder has shaken Ekaterinburg. It has been made in 7. 30 near departmental hotel “ an Uralmash “ in the street Kalinin where Belonenko was arranged. While the general director has sat down in office “ Volga “ from - for trees two young men with pistols have jumped out. Having come nearer, they have opened fire. To driver Vladislav Yavorsky of a bullet have got to a breast and a stomach. Belonenko has been wounded in a head.
criminals escaping through a court yard saw the elderly yard keeper. It - that also has caused “ fast “. Physicians have arrived quickly. However live it was possible to take to hospital only Belonenko. At Yavorsky the bullet has got stuck in a liver, he has died in a way. Belonenko has held on longer. There was a moment when it seemed that it can be rescued. For any 40 minutes its condition has improved, there was an accurate palpitation. But wounds have appeared too heavy - Belonenko has died, and without having recovered consciousness.
in a city scale militian operation on capture of murderers has begun. Business on personal control took governor Edward Rossel. “ when to me have told, - he admitted to journalists, - I simply could not work some time, even to speak on the phone. I hope that will be found not only murderers, but also ideologists of a crime “. (Interview to Rossel - on p. 3.) While it is obvious that Belonenko became a victim of custom-made murder.
to Oleg Belonenko at factory give only excellent characteristics. Having passed with KamAZa in 1998, it has quickly gained to itself(himself) authority as the first class manager. In a short space of time it has transformed a control system “ Uralmashem “ in almost ideal, even has entered in subordinated territory the Prohibition (wrote about it on May, 24th). Last year became the most successful for “ an Uralmash “ for last eight years. At recent meeting of shareholders of power of Belonenko have been confirmed. It used personal protection of Kahi Bendukidze to which actually posesses Open Society controlling interest.
yesterday Bendukidze has declared: “ I really do not have own versions of this murder. Certainly, at Oleg shot under someone`s order. In hands of Belonenko the huge power, and money it have been concentrated received the big. And nevertheless applicants for its post who could ` order ` the general director ` an Uralmash `, as far as I know, did not exist. The matter is that the people, capable to supervise over the large machine-building enterprise, it is possible to count on fingers. The person from outside in this sphere even will not be put, and in the narrow world all of us each other perfectly know. Many anyhow connect  destruction of Belonenko with the political union which bears the same name, as our factory. Yes, we had claims to OPS ` an Uralmash ` which illegally uses our name in the political and pre-election purposes, but business never reached conflicts. We discussed all questions at issue with them a civilised way, behind a negotiating table “.
Head OPS “ an Uralmash “ Alexander Habarov in general has refused to speak about possible versions of an event: “ to Support hearings and gossips? To act in a role of the lawyer? What I have the right? “
Investigation of this loud murder will for certain be tightened for a long time. And if its direct executors can be found, customers as often happens in such cases, usually remain in the shadow.

(Oleg Belonenko`s Last interview read on p. 3)