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In Rostov-on-Don the ladies` handbag

in the Morning on July, 9th has blown up explosion in shop " was distributed; Yerevan on suburb of Rostov-on-Don. Gr
  In Rostov-on-Don the ladies` handbag
in the Morning explosion in shop " on July, 9th was distributed; Yerevan on suburb of Rostov-on-Don. The loader of shop has died on the spot, from three wounded saleswomen one has died in hospital. Vzryvotehniki have established that the grenade hidden in the beautician has worked.

Shortly before opening Yerevan loader Yury Ljutov has entered into a trading floor. In hands it held the polyethylene package found in podsobke. Having found out that anybody from women working in a hall did not lose a package, Ljutov has got from it a female handbag - the beautician. Has tried to open - and here powerful explosion has thundered. The loader has died on the spot, and saleswomen Vera Gushcheva, Natalia Krasovsky and Lyudmila Necheta have got plural fragmental wounds. In some hours Gushcheva has died in hospital.
examining a scene, field investigators have found pieces of metal and a safety crampon from grenade RGD - 5 which, apparently, and was in the beautician. As experts believe, a ring keeping a safety crampon pomegranates, has been taken out by the criminal. Then, pressing a crampon a hand, it has squeezed a grenade in a handbag and has clasped. When a handbag have opened, the crampon was released, and has worked a detonator.
upon explosion criminal case is brought. Employees of management on struggle against the organised crime of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov region have drawn at once a conclusion that happened is not act of terrorism. They consider that otherwise the criminal would enclose a package not in distant podsobku, and in a trading floor where there are many people. Also would use not malopodhodjashchuju for these purposes an offensive grenade with small amazing force, and, for example, defensive F - 1. If it at anybody in radius 10 - 15 metres practically would not be chances to survive has blown up.
dismantling on household soil is much more probable: the unknown person could solve thus to salt to one of workers of shop. However while this version has not found acknowledgement. The same as also that according to which competitors or ill-wishers of the owner of shop have arranged explosion.
in some hours in the same microdistrict have found one more ownerless package. In it it was revealed four grenades RGD - 5, as well as in Yerevan . However, fuses at them have been unscrewed also dangers they did not represent. Field investigators do not exclude that all grenades had one owner, that is the criminal prepared not one, and the whole series of explosions.

ANDREY - RAKUL, Rostov-on-Don