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the Dynamo the beginner

Under in advance known scenario has rescued the majority of matches 16 - go round chempi
  the Dynamo the beginner
Under in advance known scenario the majority of matches 16 - go round of the championship of Russia on football has come to the end. Spartak with little effort has selected the next three points at " at home; an Uralan as well as capital the Locomotive in Samara, and a successful trip to Nizhni Novgorod one more Moscow club - a Torpedo - has allowed it to occupy the third line in the table. a dynamo hardly has not lost the second consecutive time, and only CSKA has afflicted the admirers, having conceded to Saturn .

the Rights there was Anatoly Bajdachnyj who has told before game with the Dynamo that it CHernomorets and without Kovalenko will act is not worse at all. On the one hand, the instructor novorossijtsev can be happy with an exit drawn game, but with another - not so. the result is one, and here quality of football - absolutely another. Today it was not pleasant to me. Was errors " too much; - the head coach " has told; CHernomortsa .
And it is valid, its wards who have crushed in the first circle dinamovtsev with the account 4:0, were all in a step from a victory and in Moscow. Has not carried, have not seen, have lost vigilance. After all owners could recoup only four minutes prior to a final whistle. And the saviour the Dynamo there was a recruit of a command Alexey Medvedev. The former forward Saturn has spent both balls to gate CHernomortsa Thus having noted the debut in a new command. On poslematchevoj a press - conferences Valery Gazzayev did not hide the pleasure. Still, the second consecutive time dinamovskie beginners show that the head coach was not mistaken in the choice. In last round as a part of Muscovites from the best party the pupil of Osset football of Spartak Gogniev, this time - Medvedev, by the way, the graduate of football school of CSKA has proved. at serious and thoughtful work Medvedev and Gogniev are capable to become real masters. The potential at them is, it is necessary to realise it - Gazzayev has told. Moreover, it has compared Medvedev to Igor Kolyvanovym and its namesake Simutenkovym, having noticed that for a long time in the Dynamo there were no such forwards.
surprising impression in the last round has made the Rotor crushed in Volgograd a Rostselmash . Surprising because it there was a first house victory of the team for three last months. Even the Volga fans have already ceased to trust in the command. The most experienced Evgenie Kucherevsky, the head coach of the winners who have recently replaced on this post of George Jartseva, has rather frostily reacted to success of the command: I am Not enough time in ` the Rotor `, therefore have not had time to understand thoroughly yet who that itself represents. All of us should make more many, and first of all - to raise physical readiness of football players then and it will be possible to speak about stability of results .
that skill first sign - stability, again has in practice confirmed Spartak . For lack of the leaders - defender Parfyonov and two halfbacks, Titov with Bulatovym - it is red - white have not left any chances to an Uralan . Begun to enjoy to hammer Robson has caused a stir in the debut, and in the end of game the word brisk Buznikin has told. It is especially pleasant that replaced spartakovskih masters football players have supported game mark of the champion, having encouraged admirers Spartaka on the threshold of start of League of champions.