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The astrological forecast

Tuesday, on July, 11th
  the Astrological forecast
Tuesday, on July, 11th

the Basic astrological event of this day - sekstil Venus with Saturn. It promises us the material stability, steady position on work, reliability at realisation of financial operations. Fine time for bankers, bookkeepers and people of those trades who are engaged in preservation of money.
businessmen should concentrate today the attention to long-term projects. Carry on negotiations with solid partners, communicate with the high-ranking persons. It is a high time to talk heart-to-heart and to government officials. They will attentively listen to you and necessarily will help.
seize the moment to adjust relations with the old partners which have dropped out of your attention. It is a high time to sign contracts about cooperation, is better for long term. The same concerns also personal relations. That is time of their stabilisation. Besides, it is possible to solve successfully housing problems (always so!) .
However the Moon today in the Scorpion. Means, people will be unduly emotional. It is not excluded that you will suffer mania of prosecution and excessive suspiciousness. It is more than trust to partners and then your affairs will develop successfully.
to ARIESES today is better to be engaged in the affairs begun on Monday. It is not necessary to think out something new and unusual. All it will be given a hostile reception today.
for TAURUSES absolutely even quite good day. You can make it even successful if will build relations with partners extremely seriously. Besides, you have a chance to receive fruits from earlier executed affairs. There comes the monetary period.
TWINS should be afraid today of deceits. It is better to you not to sign contracts as you cannot think over consequences up to the end. Do not hope at all at random. Also be on the alert with new, still unchecked business partners.
at business CANCERS promise to develop not bad. It is very good to prosecute subjects of real estate or to solve family problems. It is not excluded that you are waited by pleasant surprises. We will tell, the old debtor suddenly takes and will return you money.
at Lvov day approaches for the analysis of errors. So is better to you the activity to direct to this channel. Besides, the good moment to remember the old, forgotten projects. On them you can well earn.
successful day for MAIDENS - strategists. Play on - large, think widely. Small affairs will not bring to you neither glories, nor money. So be engaged in that, in your opinion, can become perspective and will bring in incomes in the future. Necessarily trust intuition.
for SCALES, we will tell without false modesty, it is the best day in July. Your planets - upravitelnitsy are on friendly terms with all other heavenly bodies that happens infrequently. The more activity of you, the will be good luck more. Good time for acceptance of fast decisions.
to SCORPIONS can largely carry. There comes time of the permission of sore problems. Attentively listen to councils of associates.
SAGITTARIUSES do not need to show today the initiative. Try not to go with offers to the chief or partners: at the best you simply will not understand. But attentively listen to all offers arriving from outside.
for CAPRICORNS very good time. You are waited by good luck at negotiations with partners, the high-ranking persons, politicians.
AQUARIUS, alas, it not your day. Therefore be more modest, do not search for meetings with the heads. But even if you will behave extremely silently and carefully, it does not mean that you will manage to avoid reproaches from associates.
at FISHES very nice day. Time to be engaged in current affairs. At negotiations with partners paint with it the offers in details, the same demand from them.

Wednesday, on July, 12th
Tomorrow the Moon will be in the Sagittarius. Means, there comes time of romanticists, optimists and dreamers. For people of creative trades it is especially successful day. Businessmen should search for new, creative approaches to work.
by the way, tomorrow it is not necessary to waste time on trifles: undertake global projects. Excellent time for realisation of strategic plans.
do not disregard the offer of partners. In dialogue with them do not dissemble, differently they will cease to trust you. Also keep in mind: on Wednesday it is necessary to trust the intuition.
and here for purchases time improper. It is the most reasonable to leave tomorrow money in safety.
but for romantic meetings this day approaches perfectly.
at ARIESES travmoopasnyj day.
it is better to TAURUSES not to pursue new achievements.
TWINS will get support in all undertakings from a planet of glory and good luck of Jupiter.
CANCERS do not need to be too thoughtless.
at Lvov time of a pursuit of the missed possibilities.
MAIDENS do not need to accuse of the troubles of associates.
SCALES if you are vain to you will exclusively carry.
SCORPIONS should listen to claims of associates.
SAGITTARIUSES should not discuss questions of principle with partners.
CAPRICORNS should be afraid of deceits from partners.
at AQUARIUS the easy day sated with the information.
FISHES do not need neither to give, nor to borrow money.