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“ Some soil our name “

Some days before the tragical  destruction the general director “ the Ural factory t
  “ Some soil our name “
Some days before the tragical  destruction the general director “ the Ural factory of heavy mechanical engineering “ OLEG BELONENKO has met correspondent VICTOR - SMIRNOVYM and has told to it about problems of the enterprise.

- the Holding in which you work now, tries to monopolise the rights to mark “ an Uralmash “. Who now uses it illegally?
- we have reflected on destiny of mark in the middle of 1999. Only in Ekaterinburg was hundred enterprises which use a word “ an Uralmash “ in the name. Some enterprises bearing our name, soil us. And certain Muscovite Sergejkin tried to register this trade mark on the technical classes providing manufacturing of cars and spare parts to them. For the first time we have convinced chamber of legal practice of Russia to recognise the name “ an Uralmash “ well-known in territory of the country. It gives an exclusive right addressed to.
right after it we have made the list of the enterprises and the organisations to which should or issue legal relations on word use “ an Uralmash “ or to refuse it. The Good few from them have appeared a something ephemeral and have safely died. A part from them we will not touch - for example basketball club “ an Uralmash “. But there is a group of the organisations which we will not allow to bear our name under no circumstances.
- you have suggested to rename holding “ Machine-building factories Bendukidze “. This display of loyalty?
- Lizobljudstvom I do not suffer. I well enough know Bendukidze and without any piety I can declare: “ Uralmashzavodu “ and to Izhora factory has carried with the proprietor. On level of the general culture among so-called oligarchs I would put it in a three of the first, maybe, even to the first. I respect people who are capable to make itself and not to dirty thus hands and honour.
- at recent session of regional administration “ to an Uralmash “ rigidly enough recommended to co-operate with the local enterprises. It not seems to you, what the authorities too actively try to operate regional cooperation?
- the cooperation which does not have an economic justification, is senseless. If it is favourable me, I will carry a product from Vladivostok. What it is possible to do here, in area where half of enterprises lies on one side? We reconstructed system of sales within two last years. Have created strategic business - units. By the western principle have united businessmen with designers, it is our front - office, a forward boundary. All of us time think, what will be requirements on different types of the equipment. That is we conduct the high-grade analysis of the market.
- representatives of regional administration have suggested you to redeem a share of 10 % of actions in the new enterprise for manufacture of pipes of the big diameter in Nizhni Tagil. What do you think of this offer?
- I did not hear, that we discussed it on board of directors, and I do not want to be the shareholder. Factory (Nizhnetagilsky metallurgical industrial complex.-) in a difficult condition, in it it is required to enclose for four years $200 million, differently it will not be capable to work. Yes, the network of the main pipelines develops. But the camp in Nizhni Tagil through five - cannot let out ten years pipe which will then be applied.