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ORT searches for the gone operator

In a past week-end in Minsk serious political scandal has burst. At not
  ORT searches for the gone operator
In a past week-end in Minsk serious political scandal has burst. Under obscure circumstances the employee of the Belarus bureau of ORT, operator Dmitry Zavadsky has disappeared.

In 1997 Sheremet and Zavadsky have been arrested by the authorities ostensibly for illegal crossing Belarus - the Lithuanian border during shootings of one of telereportings. Some weeks journalists have spent in a pre-trial detention centre, and in the beginning of 1998 the court which has sentenced Sheremet to two has taken place, and Zavadsky by one and a half years of imprisonment is conditional.

Zavadsky has left on Friday by an official car to Minsk - 2 where should meet the chief and friend Pavel Sheremet who arrived flight from Moscow. However the meeting has not taken place. Having arrived, Sheremet has found out on airport parking only Zavadsky`s empty car. The operator anywhere was not. Pavel Sheremet has called colleagues from the Minsk bureau of ORT, which profits on a scene and have together begun Zavadsky`s searches. Searches proceeded some hours, but any results have not given. Zavadsky has not been found out neither in hospitals, nor in mortuaries.
journalists have declared disappearance in militia. This very day search case has been opened. Divisions of internal troops with dogs have combed the territory adjoining to the airport. Inspectors have interrogated colleagues and Zavadsky Svetlana`s wife. She has informed that at once after returning of the husband from the Chechen business trip where it together with Sheremet removed a documentary film the Chechen diary the unknown person who demanded a meeting with Zavadsky home began to call to them. According to Svetlana Zavadsky, Dmitry refused, but the unknown person did not lag behind.
Pavel Sheremet does not exclude that Dmitry Zavadsky`s disappearance is concerned by local special services. In Minsk agree in opinion that disappearance of the journalist very similar on last year`s loss of leaders of the Belarus opposition: eks - Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Zaharenko and vice-president VS Victor Gonchara. In all cases it has not been found any witness of abductions. According to Zavadsky`s colleagues, special services of Belarus could perform similar operation to heat conditions in the country on the eve of parliamentary elections. And the first deputy of head of administration Lukashenko Vladimir Zametalin has accused the Belarus opposition of Zavadsky`s abduction.
a situation, under data, complicate and some additional circumstances. Recently oppositional Belarus newspapers actively untwist the information as if Pavel Sheremet can become the basic competitor Lukashenko - with preliminary check of the forces on parliamentary elections-. Though under laws of Belarus of it cannot be: the president of the country the person cannot become younger than 38 years (to Sheremet it will be executed only 30). With Zavadsky Lukashenko can have other abacus: to history with arrests for illegal crossing of border Dmitry Zavadsky worked as its personal operator.
with Dmitry Zavadsky`s disappearance, naturally, its Moscow colleagues - TV men, and not only from ORT have become interested in history. As to the general director of the First channel Konstantin Ernest, that, making comments on a situation, he has told: Let those who suited all it, know: we will not stop trial. If my yesterday`s negotiations with interested persons in Moscow do not lead to concrete result and Zavadsky will not find, I will address in the following, higher instances .
Judging by the previous experience the Belarus disappearances Zavadsky`s further destiny will depend now on activity and the maximum publicity of such references.