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the White book with a bloody shade

Yesterday the assistant to the president Sergey Yastrzhembsky and the head of Rosinformcenter of M
  the White book with a bloody shade
Yesterday the assistant to the president Sergey Yastrzhembsky and the head of Rosinformcenter Michael Margelov have held presentation of the collection of documents the Chechen Republic. The white book. A part II (about occurrence of the first part wrote in April). The second part the White book it has appeared much more strongly the first in much thanks to publication of documents from Maskhadov`s so-called archive.

the First part the White book receded from the initial version of such editions. The considerable part of the book was made by reprints of publications about the Chechen Republic leading Russian editions, including the Businessman . Fragments from the book " have got to the first part even; From the first person. Conversation with Vladimir Putin (we will remind, business occurred to presidential election).
In the second this sort of part of a liberty are not supposed any more: only not edited endurances from original documents and a dry citation of facts are used. According to Michael Margelova, the purpose the White book - to show that three-year existence of Ichkeria in the conditions of actual independence has shown piracy character of the constructed state, and to prove that Ichkeria has not passed the test for a maturity.
to thank for proofs composers owe the members of spetsnaz who have grasped so-called archive of Maskhadov. For example, correspondence of state structures concerning illegal operations with oil is very indicative: The department of protection of the state objects struggles with oil plunders, in in passing same plunders being engaged. Or Maskhadov`s decree #199 from June, 21st, 1999: For the sake of the Allah of the Mercy and Merciful Lord of the Worlds I decide:
1. To direct on material stimulation and a hardware of the state structures involved in work on prevention of plunder of oil and oil products, 100,0 % from cost of the confiscated oil, and also means . Probably, for a smaller share defenders of legality to preserve the state property refused.
Sergey Yastrzhembsky considers as the most strong document the resulted contract on sale of people where the parties agree about repayment section for kafira anticipating its praise to the Allah.
the book circulation in English will be sent in the Russian embassies worldwide, as well as similar circulation of the first part the White book . As Sergey Yastrzhembsky has told, the first part has received a wide resonance in the countries of the Near East, in the Western Europe the result was more modest. It has been considered at drawing up of the second part. Besides already mentioned return to canons white books it is necessary to carry to novelties and publication of shocking photos, for example, a time-lapse video shooting of process of cutting of a head of the hostage. Such documentary photographs should, probably to strengthen perception sensitive Europeans of resulted documents.
Sergey Yastrzhembsky, truth, has some times made a reservation that the White book any other edition or a film like vidovskogo the Market of slaves separately are not capable to change negative attitude of Europeans to antiterrorist operation . But if systematically to work, result, in its opinion, all - taki will be.