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Workshop of geniuses

in studio of photographer Shumova
  the Workshop of geniuses
in studio of photographer Shumova

Pushkin`s All-Russia museum with assistance of the Petersburg Institute of France has shown Peter Shumova`s photos, the most popular French portraitist 1910 - 1920 - h years. The exhibition which has opened in the house on quay of the Sink, is called the Russian Parisian .

Exhibits have given Rodin`s Parisian Museum, the French agency Roge - Violles and the descendants of Shumova living in France. From the Russian side the contribution could bring only Moscow RGALI.
That, in general, it is no wonder. To remove Noise has begun only after departure to France. It happens in safe 1907: Noise was registered on the student of Petersburg Tehnolozhki - the main nursery of the left youth, and its hobby for meetings and leaflets hardly has not ended with arrest and a Siberian exile. The debugged party communications have helped to be arranged with Paris, and institute technical skills - to master a trade of the photographer. Besides, itself Noise, on - visible, possessed remarkable secular abilities: its new notebook has been filled all for some years. Judging by exhibits, it is possible to assume that it opened Barbjusom Anri, and became isolated alphabetically Einstein Albert. Between them - hardly probable not all how many - nibud appreciable characters of those years.
from Noise much of them has got acquainted in Rodin`s studio where it was resulted by Isadora Duncan: to the death of sculptor Shumov was its constant photographer. Chain reaction further has begun: SHumovu sent letters of thanks, it recommended each other in private conversations, as usual recommend the fashionable tailor or the skilful masseur (as - that, for example, Kuprin, apologising, has informed Shumovu that has sent to it at once the whole quartet). The private period of creativity has ended very quickly. In 1922 - m avtoritetnejshy English magazine Photograms of the year has selected a photo of year shumovsky the Portrait of countess Iks . Some years have followed later a gold medal of the Big exhibition of decorative arts in Paris. For rich foreigners of studio Shumova became obligatory for visiting by the Parisian sight. Noise constantly experimented phototechnics advanced achievements. And even has patented a method buashumov: intricately picked up incrustations of a negative left at the press in the form of large light dabs, destroying a smooth surface of the image and underlining a moulding of cheekbones, a forehead, a chin. Dazzling career was interrupted with crisis of 1929. The studio has burnt through. Noise has left on rest to Poland where has died in Lodz shortly before the war beginning.
secular successes have played in his career, of course, appreciable, but is far not a leading role. The main thing, the well-known models liked its portraits. The method has been perfected to the absolute. The person is as much as possible approached to the spectator: the bottom border of a picture, as a rule, passes strictly under tie knot. It at all does not reduce a distance between model and the spectator - opposite, increases: to consider portraits in the book it is almost impossible, it is necessary to depart at least on some steps. The thought of Shumova is transparent: masters of thoughts need to stand on a pedestal highly over laymen.
anybody from characters of Shumova also does not look at laymen. Who atop who through, but always with that person rasfokusirovannostju a sight what to clients self-instruction manuals of good manners (vainly try to impart a sight should not be directed directly to eyes of the interlocutor, we recommend a triangle, obrazuemyj a forehead and a nose). Artists at Shumova zacharovanno look directly in area where only one spirit blows. At all pupils play inquisitive patches of light. Who has a profile, Noise admires a profile. Who does not have profile, that of Noise is developed on three quarters, softly liberating the person from a dark background of a picture.
the method is so universal that remains a full riddle how Noise had a reputation among colleagues, clients and critics for the shrewd psychologist. Zanjatnee another. In the catalogue which has been let out to an exhibition, has not done without an error. The portrait of the dancer, anything, except a correct face form, not remarkable, has appeared is signed by Anna Pavlovoj`s name. The wreath from swan feathers, oleny a sight to the sky, a chin is inclined to a shoulder - the genius aura is induced so skilfully that if not to know, which was the present Anna Pavlova, mess will not guess at all.
the Exhibition is opened till July, 8th.