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Konversbanku the chairman

the Salary low
  Konversbanku is required the chairman
the Salary low

Yesterday Konversbank declared that two-month searches of the new chairman of the board of bank so in what have not resulted. And its supervisory board has decided to take not ordinary step - to find the head of bank of the announcement in the newspaper.

As the chairman of supervisory board Konversbanka Gennady Handorin has declared yesterday, lately the bank has rejected already 5 nominees of the chairman of the board. This vacancy, we will remind, it was formed about two months ago after Nikolay Pisemsky`s heading bank since 1988 resignation (wrote about it). Answering a question why Konversbank did not suit these nominees, Gennady Handorin has answered: here too many money has asked One. Ten thousand dollars .
And the supervisory board has decided to change a way of search of candidates. In the near future the bank intends to give announcements of search of the chairman of the board in newspapers. Requirements which will be shown to candidates, according to Handorina, are described in the Central Bank instruction, but also, from the candidate be required professionalism and decency . In this connection one of bankers so has described competition conditions: Professionalism, decency and desire to earn is not enough money .
Anyway while Konversbank remains without head. Now duties of the chairman of the board of bank are executed by the first vice-president Victor Zolotov. It, probably, also can take part in competition, after all its nominee, according to Handorina while by shareholders it was not considered. Andrey Kozlov whom earlier named the possible chairman of MDM - bank, now asserts that any negotiations with it is not conducted.
meanwhile a situation when over bank supervises and. The island, cannot do good to bank. And to it competitors of Konversbanka for certain will try to use. First of all - MDM - bank which has already received a number of favourable contracts in nuclear branch. A number of observers at all does not exclude that actions of last issue of Konversbanka after which its authorised capital stock has increased from 70 million to 290 million roubles, are put MDM - to bank. MDM - bank, however, does not confirm it.
It is expected that on July, 20th supervisory board Konversbanka will confirm position about the special commission which will be held by selection of candidates on a post of the chairman of the board. And the decision will be accepted till October . Only through 45 - 60 days after that will be held extraordinary meeting of shareholders to which and should confirm the new head of bank. So this year the bank, most likely, remains without the chairman.