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Three problems of foreign policy of the Kremlin

Acting with the presidential message, Vladimir Putin deliberately not became in detail
  Three problems of foreign policy of the Kremlin
Acting with the presidential message, Vladimir Putin deliberately not began to speak about foreign policy in detail. And not only because the Kremlin has accepted the thesis about leadership of the internal purposes over external . To the new concept of foreign policy it is devoted special 22 - the page document which has presented yesterday to a press - the centre the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivanov.

the New concept of foreign policy has been confirmed by the president still on June, 28th, and its presentation should take place last Friday. But at the last minute all have changed: In the Kremlin found expedient to go from the general to the particular. At first - basic the theses stated by the president in the annual message. And only then - interpretation of its separate parts.
Igor Ivanov has designated the main difference of the new foreign policy concept of Moscow (which, however, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prefers to name new edition) from old, accepted on April, 23rd, 1993. It consists that the foreign policy of Russia should be based on observance of reasonable balance between its purposes and possibilities for their achievement . In transfer from a diplomatic language it means that Russia objectively estimates the possibilities and is not going to apply for much.
proceeding from the limited possibilities, Moscow will subordinate henceforth foreign policy problems to a principle of a healthy pragmatism, i.e. to place priorities depending on internal requirements of the country. This principle on a plan of the Kremlin is reflected by three main objectives of foreign policy: maintenance of reliable safety of the country, creation of favorable external conditions for economy lifting, protection of interests of the Russian citizens and compatriots abroad. Though really pragmatic from them it is possible to name only one: creation of conditions for economic development. reliable safety - a craze and to the favourite fad of president Putin, and protection of compatriots abroad - no more than the populist slogan.
another self-restriction the Kremlin consists in reduction of the list of the countries and the regions proclaimed a zone of the Russian interests. They are known. It first of all the European Union countries, the core trading - the economic partner of Russia (it is no casual to cooperation with the Western Europe is devoted one of the greatest sections of the concept).
However economic reasons here, seemingly, not the main things. Moscow continues to struggle with unipolar structure of the world. Also wish to play on becoming aggravated contradictions between EU and the USA. In the West it perfectly understand. As has declared two weeks ago at a forum Russia - EU in Moscow one of leaders of Christian democrats of Germany Wolfgang Shojble to consider Europe as alternative of the USA it is rather dangerous.
however, searches of the healthy pragmatical approach already bring some positive results. Acknowledgement to it is yesterday`s visit to Moscow president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky (p. 3 see). Still recently Moscow was not ready to forgive to Warsaw many insults: regular visits to Poland Chechen emissaries, dispatch of the Russian diplomats, a touch on consulate general in Poznan. But Poland is necessary to Russia as a window to Europe, in particular, for building of a gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. And consequently in the Kremlin have decided what to take offence at Warsaw it is unprofitable.
New in the concept it is possible to name almost forgotten old. Henceforth Moscow will be to promote positive perception of the Russian Federation in the world . In the Soviet years the department of foreign policy propagation of the Central Committee of the CPSU was engaged in it. Who will be responsible for this site of work today, is not clear yet.
it is clear only that it is necessary to these people hardly. Already the first (informal) reaction of diplomatic corps to a number of theses in the message of the president was guarded. Diplomats were disturbed, in particular, by that Vladimir Putin has carried a number of mass-media to the category antistate . It is live has reminded struggle with ocherneniem the socialist validity which conducted KGB. However, sources have diplomatically noticed that at the Russian president, most likely, unusable advisers.