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Strategy of extinction on the basis of spirituality

Any figure (truth, they in the message almost were not) has not made on listening
  Strategy of extinction on the basis of spirituality
Any figure (truth, they in the message almost were not) has not made such impression as 22 million President has informed on listening Vladimir Putin that in 15 years on so much Russians becomes less. And even the tested fighters of political front have shuddered.

Why such term, the author of the message to the country and the world has been chosen has not explained, only has added that the population Russian thus will decrease for the seventh part and that calculations were done by people who can be trusted, they have devoted available life all still to extinction forecasting. As to us to consider, whether that in 105 years (fifteen seven) the people will come to an end, whether the amendment to take any, have not been told.
I do not know, what purpose was pursued, but why - that became terrible. And even it is possible to understand why: the present decrease of people on 750 thousand a year is not simply extrapolated in the future - its growth is predicted. Means, war, explosions at the entrances, falling houses and an intestinal stick in baby food never will come to an end... Means, danger of abstract extinction is actually high probability of quite concrete massacre, especially among young men.
such sad thoughts come, because if it was a question simply that give birth a little, there would be be nothing to declare fighting alarm. And in Switzerland do not give birth, and in Germany, and even rather backward Spain gives birth to all neohotnee... Them even can become less, but they will not live worse and more shortly - and we will be, here in what business.
As the national idea which, by a word of the president, even it is not necessary to search, it and so " can change a situation; grows ripe by itself, in a kind patriotism, cultural traditions, the general historical memory too remains not clear. Whether patriotism will relieve us of gangsterism, whether cultural traditions will help to cope with infinitely swelling local wars, whether, at last, the general historical memory will overcome absence of light and heat in the Far East... Not clearly and consequently it is disturbing.
it is necessary to guess only that the orator meant. Concerning extinction - it is necessary, colleagues (so he why - that named dozing listeners) to try. To give birth to children and not to kill similar, and on the contrary, to create it workplaces by decrease in taxes and returning of the flowed away capital and development, the colleague, manufacture. But it already from economic sections, and we here about the humanitarian... And still it is necessary to struggle in every possible way, of course, with extremism and attempts of world terrorism at our territorial integrity - oh, no, from same the human decrease does not decrease, and section again another, political... In general, the national idea of type of spirituality, interest " is necessary; to national history, to our roots, that is expensive to all of us . That from interest to roots will occur - it is not specified, and to which roots, to what heads from history - too. Whether by a violent christening, whether to conquest of Siberia, whether to such, for example, to many expensive roots, as civil war, raskulachivanie and the subsequent displays of national spirit.
all it bears a strong resemblance taken place in grefovskom the centre in the past spring to discussion of national idea. Much told about spirituality and the roots, however all present, in a range from clerics to liberal journalists, spoke about a miscellaneous and have dispersed not only having thought up nothing, but also more, than before, having become loathsome each other.
the main thing - to understand, to what Russia we trust also what we want to see this Russia . So Putin has told. It is quite good to understand also how to constrain extinction by means of national idea.
and when so a lot of not clear and inconsistent, one hope remains - on spirituality. While we hope for spirituality so all and will be as is and was. Because that - that, and spirituality at us always in bulk.